__loose cause__

gingham goes with anything...
long skirt, long coat, today i wanted it loose

blouse american apparel - skirt zara - trench coat vintage - purse furla - loafers haruta


finally a real californian weather!
i was missing that t-shirt romper and its soft cotton
i has been a while since i last wore a twist scarf in my hair
it is a way of celebrating
with spring come new projects and everything becomes possible

romper, button-up, scarf and socks american apparel - purse furla - sandals topshop

__full time__

marques'almeida and their full denim silouhettes had a strong effect on me!
of course i was already in love with the fabric, but here is probably my most denim look so far!
i customized my pants adding patches around my knees, it gives it a little something.

jacket vintage - pants customized thrifted - sandals american apparel - bag furla