a sunday after christmas
it s calm as a silent night but full of light
je m'en vais
with uniqlo leggings-muji T-H&M cardigan
i spend my time with the sun
sometimes it's good to wait and think
just like that
i hope you have a nice time after christmas

i got a new zip top from H&M
i loved it so much for months but it was very expensive
so i was waiting for sale and finally i got it !
c'est dans mon armoire
i enjoy so much to read your choices and comments
it's sometimes hard to open your mind on new visions
and i must say i always learn a lot from you ...
thank you and merry christmas again

dear santa ...
i dream about many things right now
beside a new miu miu bag, but i think i should give up on it
i would like ... a new denim, XLLL T-shirts.... maybe an iphone,
i have been such a good girl !
hope you will tell me about your wishes

! ペリクラ !
it is so japanese to me and so nice way to spend time with friends
you have so many machines and choices in every corner of the city
i really think you can play with it in the infinity
you also have kind of professional pericura makers
especially girls, wearing special costumes and make up
different styles, topics and acting !
in my case it's only an innocent hobby that i enjoy often
oh and don't ask me why the picture of Fuji san ...
just he is si beautiful especially from the sky !

i was hesitating this morning
i wanted to wear my brown sweater
but what choice to make .......tell me yours !

fruits the street fashion magazine !
i don't buy it often because i think it is very expensive
especially for a magazine with no one article !
also i just need to walk around in harajuku, shibuya or daikanyama
to discover the new streets tendences....
but i like the eyes of the fruits hunters
and the design of the magazine itself is very pure and efficient
so here are some looks that really inspire me

i spent some hours in a nice little cafe in shinagawa
drinking a hot cocoa made with real chocolate
and reading a nice book .... my obsession ....
the israëlo-palestinian conflict
i love to read books written from both sides
it's the only way to understand each others and to have peace
it's maybe why grey is my favorite colour
the good middle between black and white

a white day in tokyo- so white that i expected some snow
but it's not that cold yet
i was walking around after school-in the park-in the street
then i found this sign for a dental clinic
the drawing is so cute with the mama tooth and the baby tooth
that's all about japan-always cute-even for boring or serious topic
back at home i discoverd a mail from my bank
to say they're sorry to tell me that one office is going to close
that's so japanese-the lady beming as sorry as possible-so cute again

one very cold week in japan !
i really hate that but ...
... when we need, we create
this dress is perfect for a good cold day !

sometimes you feel what you cannot see
sometimes you dream what you cannot live
but i hope still