( dress & belt american apparel - sweater vintage - purse a.p.c. - loafers tahari )

mute pastels
in french i would call it " un jour sans "
that's how i often feel at the moment
god, i need to feel the sun !


( sweater & hairbow american apparel - dress vintage - purse ralph lauren - heels zara)

very preppy day
i went for a walk before work
the sun was already high and it really felt like spring
jordan got me that dress some weeks ago
it is classic and cute in the same time, everything i love

waiting for the sun

(swimwear american apparel)

waiting for the sun in LA
it is sometimes nice to taste summer in Palm Springs
come come beauiful days !

encore des nuages

(easy jeans & hair bow american apparel - sweater vintage - satchel ralph lauren - mary jane heels marni)

what do you where in spring when you dream about sun but receive only clouds ?

entre deux eaux

(crop top & belt american apparel - skirt & heels vintage - purse banana republic)

the sun is high and everything looks bright
but don't mistake, it is not hot yet in here
i have so many envy and inspiration for spring
but i feel frustrated everyday when when i check out the temperature
so today is a compromise
crop top but long sleeves, skirt but in heavy denim

il y avait du vent

(bodysuit american apparel - skirt & heels zara - jacket vintage - satchel ralph lauren)

last week has been very busy
i finally had some time for me on sunday
and enjoy the wind in santa monica because of the marathon
i admire those athletes testing their limits


it is really rare for me to share some part of my daily life
still i wanted to share this with you
my love for dinners
it might sounds funny and a little weird
but that's one of my favorite part of america
Jordan and i love to spend hours talking and eating a breakfast all day
i always tell myself to try something new on the menu
but always end ordering a bacon 3 eggs


(skirt, hairband & ballerina american apparel - sweater vintage - purse banana republic)

pink has been an obsession for a very long time
then i turn to nude, white and beige
today tough i wanna to be a strawberry cake

rose et mimosa

(riding pants & collar shirt american apparel - sweater & handbag vintage - loafers haruta)

this time of the year is perfect for a yellow riding pant
i was waiting to get one for a very long time
and here it is
just feeling perfect for the season
i am also wear my dear roses wool sweater
probably for the last time thise year
ca sent le printemps !


(skirt & belt american apparel - blouse & heels vintage - purse a.p.c.)

i really love this pleated skirt
the deep emerald color just hypnotize me everytime i step in my closet
jordan found that blouse for me long time ago, i really heart it

fleurs et soleil

(dress, heels & purse vintage - umbrella china town market)

this weekend was a flower print marathon
this dress was an amazing vintage piece i found in LA
the pastels on a navy background
i just fell in love with that print

hana mi

(top, shorts, heels & purse vintage - sunglasses american apparel )

this weekend was very hot
it was the perfect weather to walk in the park and have an early hana-mi
i miss japan in spring
at least the blossoms were there ...

la fin d'une epoque

(turtleneck, belt, tights & nailpolish american apparel - skirt & earrings vintage - purse miu miu - loafers tahari)

it was probably the last occasion to wear a wool pencil skirt before spring
mixed with mustard seed and lavender on my nails
but my very favorite detail today are my earrings
i really want to find some more like those !