random 1

Happy Friday !
today i am a little lazy
i went trough some old photo shoots that i didn't like that much for some reasons
and picked some random photos
it is weird sometimes how you pick up an outfit at the morning and then just realize that it was not really what you wanted to wear.
well maybe i am crazy, but that happens sometimes to me
fashion is like this second skin very personal and extremely sensitive to me

Enjoy the last day of the week !


(pleated pants, belt & bodysuit american apparel - satchel polo by ralph lauren - heels vintage)

sunset is my favorite part of the day in LA
i can see downtown glowing like gold from my appartement and it's gorgeous
with pleated pants and polka dots, i feel like coming out from an '80s tv show
we say classic never dies

red & yellow

(swimsuit, skirt, belt & hair bow american apparel - sandals seychelles footwear)

Seychelles Foot wear is my new favorite brand for shoes !
i discovered their website some time ago and couldn't stop dreaming in front of each pair
the question now is what is going to be the next pair i'll get


(bodysuit & socks american apparel - skirt & jacket vintage - loafers tahari - purse zara - badge gift from   Steggi)

i got this lavender pleated skirt some weeks ago
it is a sporty tennis skirt
i was wondering how to outfit it the best without looking like i come back from Roland Garros
this jacket is a magic piece that makes anything turn so elegant
i added the andy warhol badge on it because i needed some fantasy that day

swim & bustier

(skirt american apparel - swimwear & necklace vintage - ballet flats jcrew - purse zara)

summer is for swim !
no need to tell you that i have a real obsession for swimwear
some month ago when i was living in belgium
i didn't even own 1 swimsuit or bikini
but being in LA really open my eyes to that new type of garment 
that i never considered before then
not that i particularly enjoy posting pictures of myself wearing a swimwear
but i really needed to share this one with you

and you what will be your favorite swim item for the summer ?


(tennis dress vintage - sunglasses somewhere in downtown LA - ballet flats jcrew - purse furla)

relax is friday
i found this so cute tennis dress last i went to the rose bowl flea market
so simple yet classy
we broke a big pinata at work today ! it was so much fun !

Flags and Stars

(bodysuit & easy jeans american apparel - cardigan vintage - purse & heels zara - earings vintage christian dior)

love at the first sight
that what happened between me and that cardigan some days ago
it was perfect to outfit it with this wonderful leather purse that jordan offered me for my birthday
and of course as a precious detail
the vintage christian dior earings that i have as a memory of my grandma


(crop tee & scrunchie american apparel - skirt vintage - satchel myongdong market - ballet flats jcrew)

lucky daisies in black and white
this skirt makes the outfit by itself
and i just needed to combine it with strong basics
i used to wear jewelry and accessories but the busy days starting earlier and earlier made me lazy
so today, this scrunchie is luxury

on the road

my first time off since i started working for american apparel 
jordan and i decided to head to arizona to see the Grand Canyon
so far one of the most beautiful scenary i ever seen
the blue of the sky meeting the dust of the earth 
i could stay there for the rest of my life
it was also a very good occasion to visit some other places on the way
america is made for road trip !