one more day in shibuya
i never thought
it could be
but i feel i am bored

it was grey today
i was always a little white
and must say sometimes
i miss the black i used to have

this wall was waiting
i was yellow and white
lena risked her life for this
it is custard cream
meeting wipped cream
it was worthy

like a deserted island
a little oasis
in middle of shibuya
i think it's nude
i think i breath
it's like to swim naked into the sea

balcony in the sun
i wait
take my time
with a plaid
with two plaid

in a world of mosquito
a bustier dress and a grandma chale
maybe it was because of sunday
who knows ?
who cares ?

nude colour
my summer mood
if you like the pictures
check more on

late evening in the tearoom
moka cream and milk tea
i love those colours
do i dare the ribbon ?
too girly
this is my cross

souvenir from the rainy days
i was complaining
and now already
i miss it

sunday in the city
market place and kakigori
i prefer strawberry
my first Topshop dress
can you believe
thank you George