the new year is coming
like a new departure
i feel free today and so happy to be with lena
the blue skirt beside me
the sky was high and the sun fighting the clouds
sometimes Beauty is just too strong

it is maybe december and all the celebrations
but i wear a petticoat today
i know the pictures are really cliche
but with this kind of garment
what can i do really ?
i must jump
and hope someone will be there to catch me down

a flannel skirt a bodysuit a corduroy jacket
today i was happy
the sun was perfect and the colour outside was calling me
a lot of work in front of me
i can't wait for 2011

i was gone for so long
a walk in the desert to find some stars
probably as lost as i am
i read again the french classique
les liaisons dangereuses
some books sometimes seem to be the story of my life

winter in japan is quite confusing
the sky is blue and the sun so high
but still it is cold and the wind so strong
and then i am lost between shorts and lace
the tan colour to save me

this morning i woke up
the sun was high already and it felt like summer
i wanted to be preppy ... like a tennis girl.

today was a real autumn day
the leafs, the wind and the smell
flannel was perfect
the shirt and now the bow
i cant believe christmas is coming soon

i love the sunny sundays
walking along the river
i love to go there with a nice book and some chocolates
i heard snakes live close to the river in japan
lucky i didnt see any
if you don't know it yet
i do hate snakes