black floppy

(pants, collared shirt & hat american apparel - jacket & heels vintage)

i finally got my first floppy hat
it took me a long time to select the color
i started with black

rain & polka dots

(pants & lace ribbon american apparel - button-up from my boyfriend - rain coat vintage - mary janes marni)
i love rainy days in los angeles
first, because they are so rare that we can really enjoy it
and plus, it's always the occasion to take my dear polka dot rain coat out of the closet

mid-length circle

(skirt american apparel - bustier & heels vintage - purse a.p.c. - hat armani vintage)

i love to wear mid-length skirts
but still, it is often hard to outfit
so i made it simple with a vintage bustier
some people don't like to pair black and navy, but i personally love it very much!

knit & leather

(collared shirt & tights american apparel - knit dress zara - heels lowrys farm japan)

i had love at the first sight with that knit sweater
i selected the L size and directly decided that i would wear it as a dress
i love the couple knit and leather
and it is also a salut to my first love, beige.

creme lace

(dress & socks american apparel - jacket vintage - loafers haruta - purse zara - hat vintage armani)
creme lace dress isn't a very classic piece
but i like to see it that way
paired with flat loafers, anything turns classic!
i love that hat!

flying birds

(skirt, jacket & tights american apparel - shoes elie tahari - button-up vintage - purse miu miu)

i am happy to see that pastels are back
spring is from far my favorite season, so i am looking forward and i smile
i start with a simple printed button-up
flying birds in purple and lavender, i feel lavender will be my key color
we will see ...

a lifetime

(belt & tights american apparel - dress & sandals vintage - trench coat tommy hilfiger)

i use to hate tommy hifiger, very much
but about 3 years ago, the brand got a new turn and the Hilfigers as a fimaly came out
i loved that campaign do much
so preppy, so sassy, so irritating that it was perfect
i directly ran into their store and bought that trench coat
3 years and i still love it as much, it is i hope one of these rare items that i will keep for a lifetime

time for gold

(pants american aparel - sweater rodier - heels jcrew - earrings gift)

shy pastels
it is cold, and probably still for a few weeks
this sweater is at least 20 years old
it was my grandma's

graphic daisies

(turtleneck, tights & shoes american apparel - skirt vintage - purse furla)
2013 here you are!
now i can finally look toward spring freely
here already some of my favorite themes for the season coming .....
... black & white graphic, daisies prints, and pastels.
it all starts now. Happy New Year