walking in the streets of meongdong
i was thinking that the night always come too fast
i am an afternoon person
this early dark sky suddenly offered me light

seoul is a great place in this world
you walk around all day and find so many wonderfull bows
it is like japan is cute but in a more simple and humble way
i think i love it
and this little girl ..... i want her cape !

that is so wrong
to be in korea in times of war
i love to watch people
walking, talking, shopping
and the north

in french we say
chasse et peche
hunting and fishing
i guess this time
i am ready to catch a deer
maybe a reindeer

it's 6 am
i am still in osaka
and ready to start work
this hotel room is like a box
and i am inside it
wearing my bed clothes
from another time
remembering sissi
i wish i was in vienna again

the sky went down to the city
it is maybe because of the black
i was wearing
i felt being in a movie
an old one
without colour
i miss grace kelly

my head is full
this noise so strange is in my ears
that screen still in my eyes
i think i bug

a first day in osaka
last time i came
life was so different
and i was different too
i like the idea
that we might let some traces
behind us
visible sometimes
often invisible
like a story board that we follow
with our eyes closed
like i love to imagine the past story
of a vintage cardigan that i just bought
did someone realised her dreams wearing it ?

it's so cold up there
the sky is blue
it's like summer
but it's so cold
in this house
i love bloc party