__near by the lake__

the best part of Los Angeles, it's what you find outside of Los Angeles
you only need to drive an hour to see the most amazing lanscape and nature

it this case we drove a little more than 2 hours, to end in the Santa Ynez Valley
it looked like a wild version of europe
and here i am near by the lake

i wear my vintage knit cape and i am enjoying life!

__a la taille__

these pants were waiting in my closet for about 7 month
i was thinking to alterate them to be more fit to my size
i finally decided to wear it as it is, baggy
somedays i rather be comfortable

pants vintage calvin klein - crop tops, shoes and belt american apparel - leather backpack vintage coach

__bleu ciel__

i walk at night in the park
i wear my very favorite items at the moment, Jordan's white button-up
i never been in love with stripes but i give it a try
it's light blue

__lignes droites__

many pictures for a simple outfit
stripes and pleats follow the same type of rhythm
it is strict and simple, all i love at the moment
i bought this dress in a uniform store in downtown LA
it is silly but i love it

turtleneck american apparel - dress school uniform - loafers haruta

__papier peint__

flower print with flower print i was a real wall paper
it was fun for one day
i was matching with my favorite chair
i like those mute colors 

collared shirt american apparel - sweater vintage - pants downtown LA - loafers Elie Tahari

__simple navy black__

sleeveless under a winter jacket, that's the type of winter i like!
i enjoy mixing black and navy
it is simple. button-up + skinny jean
and for only ornament, a beads lace collar

easy jean and collar shirt american apparel - coat vintage - pouch forever21 - wedges melissa


it is almost black, it's dark mocha
i must that i am totally in love with that skirt
you know, when there is an item in your closet you wanna wear every day
that is matching with everything and that you find perfect for each outfit
well that's that leather skirt to me

the only choice i have now, the free myself from it, is to get another one in another color
but which one?

skirt & shoes american apparel - button-up jordan's - rain coat vintage


winter in los angeles feels like a spring time in belgium
it's what i prefer because it allows me to play with layers
for the little story... that morning i went for breakfast to Home in Silverlake with Jordan
feeling full and happy we noticed a tiny tray that was drawing up the hill
and of course Jordan proposed me to follow it ... and here we are. in a small heaven protected from the city, in the middle of LA. I love that!
bad point, i was wearing my melissa wedges, definitely the worse shoes for hiking!

pants and lace tee american apparel - blouse and jacket vintage - purse forever21 - shoes melissa