forever spring

(lace ribbon american apparel - skirt gift - crop top DIY - jacket vintage - heels zara - backpack coach vintage)
the beauty of living in LA is that you sometimes have, even in winter, some soft and cool days 
it is like a forever spring feeling ... in winter.
i tied my hair with a lace ribbon

green houndstooth

(turtleneck, belt & pantyhose american apparel - skirt, trench coat & heels vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren)
an holiday outfit this weekend while i was last minute gift shopping
i promised myself to be done in time this year but i have been working so much that of course i was rushing at the last second ...
well it was the perfect occasion to wear this wool, pencil skirt in a green houndstooth
and now, it is over, only the time to think about what to wear or what to do for NYE .....

little black riding hood

(pants, blouse & cape american apparel - purse & boots zara - earrings vintage)
i was the little black riding hood today and i must say i kept the cape on all day so it was cold
it is so comfy tough, like a soft blanket
i start thinkning that i would like to get it in red too...
then you have these heel boots that i own for a while and that like so many things in my closet, were waiting the good day to come out.

cozy gloomy knits

(knit dress & socks american apparel - cardigan jacket & sandals vintage)
cozy cozy time, it is getting cold and gloomy in los angeles
i love it, i finally found the ocasion to wear that knit dress i got weeks ago
i also love to spend the day in a comfortable cardigan
espcially the air can sometimes be cold in the factory ...


(pants american apparel - button-up & coat vintage - heels dolce & gabbana)
the cold days are back
i took time to tie my hair today which also means i am tired of having it long
it is just a question of finding time and the right pair of scissors
white button-up and black disco pant
i am in love with my dolce and gabbana heels...

candy cane & chocolate

(skirt american apparel - button-up & coat vintage - purse banana republic - flats tsumori chisato)
candy cane colors on my button-up
70's look on my collar, leather skirt almost black
it was a day for my chocolate ballet flats by Tsumori Chisato
i miss Japan and its fashion

plaids and traditions

(turtleneck, belt, pantyhose & shoes american apparel - shorts diy - blazer vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren)

plaids are like tradition to me and come back every year when christmas approaches
i like to pair one with the other, different colors and rythm
brown today with my favorite tights at the moment, the black heart shape
happy friday !

bloody mary

(pants american apparel - blouse, coat & shoes vintage - purse banana republic - umbrella gift)
it was a strict outfit for a rainy day
many people talk about where they find the inspiration to create outfits everyday
in my case, i am very influenced by what I read ...
and now i am in the middle of "mary tudor, the spanish tudor" also known as bloody mary ....
she was a strong, proud and humble catholic queen and yes, she also gave birth to some of the greatest massacres of england's history.
but i decided to read this biography to learn about how she became such a vilain
anyway ..... this explain my sudden attraction for black and a more strict silhouette
i guess we all have some weird uncontrolled inspirations