(skirt & belt american apparel - top petit bateau - purse a.p.c. - sandals vintage)

between nude and pink 
they call it almondine
so glad i found those heels in a thrift store

gris sur fond rouge

      (easy jeans & camisole american apparel - jacket vintage - hat vintage giorgio armani - loafers tahari - purse longchamp)

the sky has definately an influence on my mood
i feel grey again
i got used pretty easily to the californian weather
i want the sun and the blue sky back !

tout en blanc


( skirt, collared shirt & sweater american apparel - satchel polo by ralph lauren)

i really do love white
after grey, beige and navy
i think my new obsession is white !


(belt & sunglesses american apparel - dress vintage - heels zara - handbag furla)

deep poppy red

too grey

(skirt & socks american apparel - blouse & earings vintage - purse ralph lauren - loafers tahari)

too grey today
i really wanted to go to the beach
some days things just don't turn the way you hope

le printemps est la

(skirt, petticoat & sandals american apparel - top vintage - purse banana republic)

spring is my very favorite season
it is the moment of the year offering the best smell
and this incredible hope for better days
because in belgium, where i am from, it is not sure the hot days would come
when i was very young, my friends and i used to imagine our own native tribe
the achan chinou .... and my native name was
petite fleur de printemps qui meurt en hiver
little spring flower dying when comes winter
life ....

papier - peint

(bodysuit american apparel - skirt & purse vintage - heels zara)

wall paper type of flowers
on me
old prints full of sense
i love thesse patterns

petite fille modele

(collared shirt american apparel - skirt vintage - purse furla - loafers tahari)

it is monday
try to be a good girl
it is a new week starting

des petits pois

(bodysuit, skirt & sweater american apparel - heels vintage - satchel meyongdong's market)

simply polka dots
somdays just need to be simple
a cotton bodysuit and a soft silky sirt
no need for anything else

bleu Klein

(zipper pants, belt & hairbow american apparel - bodysuit & sandals vintage - satchel ralph lauren)

i found this vintage bodysuit last week
like a smell from the past
the colour is probably what i prefer in it
sort of a bleu Klein
sort of ....

comme un gant

( camisole & easy jeans american apparel - cardigan, sandals & necklace vintage - satchel ralph lauren)

a new day under the sun
yellow with a mustard hint
i like this mid-season


(bodysuit american apparel - skirt, sandals & purse vintage - hair crown handmade)

my first easter in america
what always been an occasion to eat more chocolate in belgium
seems to be a lot more serious in here ....
it was such a nice day full of celebration that i spent in olvera street
i sometimes love to play the tourist
it makes me feel like i traveled somewhere else
it was also the perfect occasion to wear that precious skirt
that i kept in my closet for month
happy easter !


(tri-blend v-neck sweater & skirt american apparel - purse banana republic - sandals marc jacobs)

it is finally getting hot in LA
some days ago, in the middle of the afternoon
i suddenly felt the weird feeling that i should by a t-shirt
which is very weird to me, i hate t-shirts
so i got that tri-blend v-neck from american apparel
one of their very classic shirt
and i must say it is so far one of the most comfortable item i ever wore
i don't know what happened to me


(Vogue girl korea december 2011)

one of the weirdest thing that i saw recently ....
it is hard to find word about this
is it funny, scary or just hilarious ?