sunday off
at home simply

a white shirt
AA socks
comfortable shoes
my hello kitty umbrella
believe it or not
but that was a christmas gift
from my mom
when i was 16
long long time ago
it's somehow nice to keep it with me

i feel my life is a long story of
i'm always moving, changing
and i think i like it
i think it's why i love fashion
always in movement
and in this eternel tourbillon
i finally notice what or who i really care about
some things are timeless

i was watching
marie antoinette
i always felt quite close to her
the shoes, the sweets, the nature
i wish i had a petit trianon
to escape
a shame i don't like champagne

mon armoire, votre choix
i changed appartment recently
and i had to find
a nice place to take full body pictures
i selected this vintage blouse
yellow is maybe
a colour i like

sometimes some day
we don't know what to wear
you think
you try
you wear
it's anyway always messy after
every single time i think
"next time i clean up right after trying out"
let's wish yeah ....

hot weather and cleaning day
! what a saturday !
satin mauve
coton creme
indigo spots
something soft and comfortable

feels like summer today
i enjoyed wearing my lovely shorts
my legs are so white
i wear my vishy shirt
maybe a new colour in my palette
and the ice cream
coco bounty

it is maybe a japanese influence
the school uniforms
that i meet every day
it works on me
and really lead my style sometimes
? what is your main influence ?
this spring

! no nike !
here is a protestation
art form of riot growing in a park
lost in the middle of shibuya
i passed by
it was a first wink
with the people living in the park
tomorrow ....
i return and tell you more

i dont know if i like polka dots
i woke up this morning
a new life started
some things are stronger than the time
stronger than the rain
it was rainy
i love my grey disco pants