! ! can't wait to be in spring ! !
so much inspirations
so i already tried some outfits out
you know just in case i wake up
one morning in spring, thinking
" ! i don't have anything to wear ! "

i was off at home this morning
i love my D T shirt
i remember when i bought it
my friends thought it was strange to find a T shirt with D in Zara
but me ... i knew it was made for me
any way to go work on the afternoon
i had to select something less ... comfortable
have a nice day

here is my last work
i was tempted to make a dress
but i finally chosen to make a top
i fell in love with this fabric
soft colours for a promising spring
can't wait to imagine how to style it

in japan in winter more it's blue, more it's cold
i talk about the sky of course
but still i prefer it that the rain
what do you think about the leggings as pants ?
i'm doubtful
i feel my ass too visible
or maybe it's my mind that gets wrong

Mon armoire, votre choix
i found this incredible body suit
in a very cheap vintage store
i have an interview today and i want to wear it
so i was hesitating ....

today i feel to be a little girl
you know dreaming about being adult
stealing the ruban and shirt from her dad
i sometimes dream to be a man

to live in japan
it's like to be in a very different world
such a colourful inspiration

mon armoire, your choice
it's a vintage dress i got for nothing
i arranged it to make it my size and my style
still i wonder what fits the best on me