toujours sur la route

(button-up, socks & belt american apparel - shorts zara - heels lulu's - pearls vintage)

on the road again
the sunday is my least favourite day
i try to find my way through the time
but it is so grey

i love my new heels by Lulu's that Chictopia just sent me

from the streets of pattaya

once more, i sent my single-use camera to the world
this time i selected pattaya in thailand
in this touristic part of the country
unfortunately not known for its streets style ....
girls love fashion
they use it as a tool, a strength and a way to exist
finally i feel pretty much the same way

un parfum d'anis

pants, belt, sunglasses, hairbow & shoes: american apparel - top: h&m
photos by mima

take a walk in the field
i feel the life and the time
crop top like anis
i wear a bow and smell flowers

fleurs noires sur indigo

the sun is back
mini indigo by Virginie Castaway
i was just waiting to wear it
somehow my murano necklace fits perfectly

clutch: american apparel - dress: virginie castaway - heels: mano - sunglasses: h&m
photos by mima

de la laine sur ma peau

i just got my knit bra by goodnight day
i am in love with the nude color
gringham skirt and classic button-up
i feel like i messed up my uniform

skirt & shirt: american apparel - bra: goodnight day - purse: vintage - heels: mom's
photos by mima

deep blue and safran
hide and seek in the korn field
sometimes i am 10 sometimes 20
the lady like bag in disguise
i run .......... i run

shirt: american apparel - blouse: zara - earings & necklace: turkish market - purse: vintage
photos by mima

rouge chaperon
it is a dress sharp and massive
like a skin on my skin, i feel protected
the colour of heart covering my skin
i love it

dress & heels: zara - belt: trukish market - purse: vintage
photos by mima

vintage gold light
reminescence from the past and a battlefied
napoleon fell here ... in waterloo
black and white

pants & shirt: american apparel - purse: vintage - necklace: turkish market - boots: cecil
photos by jessica

spent the day in antwerp
with my best friend
croque-monsieur bolognaise for a lunch and then some shopping
love the window's displays you can find there
we finished the day in holland finding new adventures
and drink some teas ...... again

sweater & belt: american apparel - shorts: h&m - purse: miu miu - boots: cecil
photos by steggi