pretty basic and all in the texture.
the confetti of my sweater, the patent of my dancing shoes.
the days are slowly getting better.

sweater, socks and shoes american apparel - dress motel - backpack vintage coach


only pink today.
well, with some black patent shoes, i needed that accent.
i felt so girly-girly, i guess it is sometimes necessary.

top vintage - skirt topshop - cardigan and shoes american apparel


the first thing my husband told me this morning was "are we back in 2008?"
hahaha i see what he meant

sweater, tights and shoes american apparel - shorts mom's

__kimono me__

i bought that blue patterned dress last june. i loved the fabric very much but the dress itself was quite big for me.
i thought about cutting it and make it a mini, but at then end i just decided to wear it open like a kimono almost. 
this outfit is still simple and quite minimal but there is a little something bohemian to it, which is kind of new to me. have i spent to much time in LA? we'll see what's next.

kimono vintage - top zara - pants american apparel - jelly sandals topshop


every 2 years or so, the tropical prints are coming back, with different intensity of course, but still, the circle meets itself.
i am not a huge fan of prints and even less when the prints are bold and colorful.
but this vintage button-up s very special to me, it is hawaiian and yet navy. it is almost proper when i wear it with my pleated skirt. i love to mix items of different purposes.

button-up and trench coat vintage - skirt mom's - sandals topshop


the sunny days are finally back! i can finally enjoy my velvet Boodwah romper in the sun. and who said velvet was for winter? just like mohair actually...

if you like this velvet romper, visit this incredible etsy store! they have very cute stuff for the season coming!

romper boodwah - cardigan and sandals american apparel


this oversized cardigan, knitted kimono type of thing, is my favorite item of all.
i found it at a goodwill in pasadena and it's probably my best found ever.
today i paired it with a nude knit dress that i even forgot i had, but since i cleaned my dresses closet...

cardigan vintage - dress american apparel - purse zara - sandals topshop

__10 inches shorter__

so ... i finally did it.
not as short as my wildest dreams but short enough to make a real change.
i want to apologize to all of you who wrote to me and asked not to cut it.... but i really needed it.

you know sometimes things go to a point that you need to say "enough!" and that was that point. something needed to go, and even tough i was sometimes thinking about cutting one of my arm off, i eventually went for my hair.

i must admit, i freaked out about an hour after it was done and thought i made a big mistake, but i think i actually really love it. plus it will grow back and healthier.

jumpsuit nasty gal - socks from my husband - loafers haruta