__baby blue masculine__

i found this seersucker blazer a few weeks ago, with a matching pleated pants 
i was not ready to wear both as a set yet
but i love its masculin look, yet in baby blue color
it is the first time i tried to wear these marni velvet wedges in a summer outfit
feels good in velvet

blazer and dress vintage - socks american apparel - wedges marni


Hawaii was a dream come true. from europe, you can hardly think of anything more far away or exotic.
my eyes were wide open and wanting to remember everything i saw.
then somehow, i often forgot to even take pictures. here are the few i have got.


are you not tired to see me wear american apparel clothes everyday ?
it has been more than 3 yeard now that my closet has been growing with AA items
it is so natural when you work for a fashion brand to start collecting every new items released
and here i am, again, in full american apparel
it was very hard for me to see all my collegues wearing same items that me day after day
and i really had to twist my imagination to try to outfit it in my own personal way

thank you for being there with me for so long

chiffon tank top, big tank top and socks american apparel - shoes melissa