__too sweet for me__

just a simple pastel type of day. it all started because of my new fisherman sweater. i got so many of them, that i swore to not by any more color, but then .... my eyes fell on that one. it is just perfect for my mood right now and for the chilly morning and night of los angeles. you just to remind you that you actually live next to the desert. pastel pastel pastel, sweater, skirt and purse. i can't do that every day, it is too sweet for me.

sweater and skirt american apparel - socks topshop - shoes urban outfitters - purse furla

__looking back__

so, i did what is sometimes necessary to do... i looked back and judged!
2010 was the year i started to blog more regularly, it's so funny to see what i was wearing, writing or even the way i was posing. i dropped a lot of things on my way, including the bangs, but some other things seem to exist still today, like the stripes or the socks.

i look at it and i really think the 7th look is the worst, at least in to my eyes on this day.
i almost can't recognize myself in the 5th look ... weird
i miss the coat in the 2nd look, i had to let it behind me when i left japan ... i hate to think about it.

what do you think?


lazy mood is my everyday mood recently. black + denim = yes in my head, almost every morning.
i am sorry.
today was cold so i kept adding layers to it. cropped turtleneck, oversized denim jacket ( my new treasure) and my favorite monogram sweatshirt.
well that's pretty much how i look taking my bus to go work.

i'll try to be more inspired next time!

pants and cropped american apparel - denim jacket vintage - sweatshirt diy - satchel a.p.c. - sandals topshop


uniforms are one of my biggest inspiration. pleated skirt, white socks and everything navy. that's all i love. 
it is probably because i never had to wear any uniforms in my life, ever. so i must miss that somehow. 
i was thinking that i would eventually get over it and move on, but more the time passes and more i feel it became a part of me. 
another thing i really love and you know it for sure if you follow my blog, it is to mix black and navy. 
rule seriously forbidden by my mom when i was little, never mix those 2 colors, it is too close to match! mmmm that's all the beauty of it.

if you like uniforms as i do, check some more here on my pinterest board.

__icy glass stones__

very casual day. jeans a sweater, i like to tuck it in,it gives that 90's look i love.
some black accents, the chunky heels, the backpack and the striped turtleneck, because we always need some stripes.
the detail is in the sweater, the tone on tone pale grey is covered by icy glass stones. one of my latest DIY exercise. see more here.

sweater diy - pants and turtleneck american apparel - shoes topshop - backpack vintage coach

__pretty chubby__


stripes, polka dots and neutral colors for a perfect rainy day. so rare in LA ...
i love this very cropped top paired with a very high-waist pants, it makes my all silhouette lining up
please excuse my funny face on the second picture, i take my pictures at the morning before work and sometimes i still have my face of "i just woke up". 
i look pretty chubby on it and i wanted to share the laugh with you guys ....

pants american apparel - crop top owned it forever - rain coat vintage - sandals topshop

__lace & match__

one more day without blue. i wear one of my favorite lace top, it's cotton and has the perfect loose shape. american apparel didn't make many, so it feels precious. spring is a good season, because we can wear trench coat all the time. it becomes this necessary layer to any outfit.
today, i am also wearing my favorite pair of shoes, velvet and marni, my favorite match.

top, bra and pants american apparel - trench vintage - wedges marni


i am not sure what passed in my head this morning
i just compiled a few items that i would normally never wear together
but i actually felt pretty good with myself all day
ne need to over think everything i guess ...

crop top and satchel vintage - skirt zara - socks and jacket american apparel - loafers haruta