__en français__

aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé d'écrire en français
première fois en 4 ans de blog
mais il se trouve, que j'ai le mal du pays ... un peu plus que d'habitude
il y a une sorte de limite qui a été franchie en moi, et voilà le resultat!
c'est l'automne et je reste pourtant accrochée aux pastels
j'imagine que c'est la conséquence d'un été manqué pour cause de travail acharné

c'est un peu bizarre, j'ai l'impression d'être nue en français, comme si tout d'un coup, et bien, je ne pouvais plus me cacher, ni m'arrêter de parler 

pantalon american apparel - chemisier topshop - bijoux j.crew - escarpins elie tahari - sac miu miu

__hammer and hammer__

hammer and hammer
that's the print on my button-up
now i feel like making prints and experimenting on several items
as you can see, i am still not tired of my pleated skirts
some things just seem to never go away

skirt and cardigan vintage - button-up forever21 - socks american apparel - loafers haruta - satchel gift

__tie dye__

i played with tie-dye
i love to give a second life to some old clothes
i have been experimenting with indigo dye and it really takes over my whole wardrobe
now i am only thinking about what to do next!

dresses DIY - sweater american apparel - trench burberry - loafers elie tahari - purse a.p.c.

__carres et petits pois__

some days are un-body conscious 
i learned to love asymetrical silhouette when i lived in japan
i also learned to appreciate mix and matching patterns
some rules were just too hard to cross in old europe
i still try to keep it simple, with my new favorite outerwear

blouse small boutique in harajuku - skirt vintage - trench lauren by ralph lauren - purse longchamp - tennis american apparel

__black navy sporty__

black and navy as usual, but with a sporty twist
it all started because i take the bus several days in the week to go work
and it is just to hard for me to get dressed up and wear heels
i wear flats, and recently tennis shoe
this was the start
and now i just enjoy more and more, day by day this casual, boyish and sometimes sporty style

dress vintage - hoodie, socks and tennis shoe american apparel

__sense on the way__

my trench is out of the winter closet
but my hair are still in a bun
i can't never go away from a classic outfit
is this my european part? i never thought i had one before i left home
there are some funny stories about ourselves, often told when we are away
do i make sense?

trench coat burberry - top and skirt american apparel - tennis shoe diy - purse zara


i don't even like pineapple
but j.crew changed my mind, now i see pineapple everywhere
i know, i am wearing my summer wardrobe now, La and its late summer ...
another note, i dislike the word "pineapple" and prefer the french version of it "ananas"
sounds like the sister of my name

skirt american apparel - t-shirt j.crew - purse zara - heels marc jacobs