the sky is always grey
i feel like back in europe
maybe the sky follow my heart
i felt nostalgic today
and my outfit is somehow
following that mood

the sun disapeared for some days
even, we had rain
the only good point in it
is the pleasure to wear a cable knit
i really can't leave that beige wave that catched me
so long time ago already

sunday afternoon in los feliz
green monochromatic outfit
camel tights
dusty pink accesories
i feel some strange colours associations
for the moment
and try it out with my eyes closed
i like to walk around street markets
and then eat a real american diner
god i love the food in LA
skirt, tights & purse: american apparel - blouse: vintage - heels: zara
photos by jordan

i know i kind of repaeat myself about this
but the sunset in LA is simply magic
i can't stop taking pictures of it
and obviously posting it as well
the colours seduce me so much
and i really feel like wearing coral everyday
and even maybe .... some orange

strange is the light in this country
the sun is high and goes down so fast
the shades sometimes
seems to swollow you totally
an old pink sweater
a too old mustard pants
yes that's how i felt today

home creepy home
at night every little things turn grey
yes it is true
i am afraid of dark
but i love to fight my fears
and i walk alone in my dark street
back at home
only stendhal can make me feel myself again

i just moved in my new place
a kind of wonderland in LA
to be precised it is a tree house in mount washington
but playing in the garden
i already met some life beings
apparently tottoro lives in my neighborhood
good to know
it is still chilly in here
winter is really weird this year

last goodbye to this place ....
i enjoyed the timing being in this big grey loft
in downtown LA
but as everything on earth has an end
once again i say bye bye