fall at last

(easy jean american apparel - button-up, cardigan & loafers vintage, hair pin handmade, satchel a.p.c.)

first day of fall !
i was so happy to wear a pant today and not feel sweaty and uncomfortable
and even the morning was so chilly that i had the occasion to wear on of my new jackets
i love the two-tones trend, especially with asphalt grey and burgundy
i also love the white collar button-up, i think i want to find more shirt with a contrasted collar!

Palm Springs

i love Palm Springs
the silent of the desert, the mid-century houses and the vintage shopping
i could stay there forever
i spent my last summer days in a pool and enjoyed wearing my dear swimwear for a last time
now it is time for fall, for layers and new colors

happy monday!


(denim button-up & socks american apparel - skirt vintage - loafers tahari - purse furla)

friday blue
when i think blue, i often think about denim
beside the fact i followed the daily color of the challenge, i noticed i really went for the black and white stripes
it's clearly the end of a season in my head
I'll go to Palm Springs this weekend and will celebrate the end of summer in the desert heat
after that it will be fall and i am happy

See Caroline's blue version!


(dress & collared shirt american apparel - ballerina flats j.crew)

thursday green
a simple layering of green under nude and a gardening time on the roof top
this color was for sure the hardest time of the week
it is far from being my favorite color
and as you see the green i selected is atually green

let's see Caroline's green version


(dresses & heels vintage - crop top childhood memory - hat vintage armani - bag zara)

wednesday black
black is usually a very hard color for me
so this morning i thought, ok, if i must wear black, let's do it well !
the hat add a little bit drama to the outfit, but that's very fine with me
see Caroline's black version


(bodysuit american apparel - skirt some store in seoul - mary janes steve madden)

tuesday white
i was so excited thinking about white, it is a color i love and that i wear very easily
but then only black came to my mind and i just realised that summer was gone and my mood for white with it....
still, that ballerina like type of skirt is such a master piece by itself that it is the only white thing i needed today

see Caroline's version of white !


(knit top & suede pouch american apparel - skirt & sandals vintage - earings gift)

red for monday
i had an incredible selection of wool pencil skirts, pullovers and printed collared shirts in my head
but this morning, like every morning these days, it was too hot
so i did what i had to do, i selected one of my favorite summer item that i know i will miss once in winter
my vintage silky red flowers print skirt

check here for Caroline's version of red !

Meet Caroline !

i am very excited today because it is the first time i actually write that type of post !
starting tomorrow monday and for a period of 5 days, i will handle a color chanllenge with Caroline.

i discovered Caroline's blog, the feminista journals, some weeks ago and really loved it
i was amazed by her passion for life and for feminism
so i was really excited when she wrote to me and proposed me to get creative together

the idea of colorful outfit chanllenge came by and got me inspired
as you know, i often use the same color palette and forgot the others
so it is the time to try something new, 5 days, 5 colors to explore

monday red - tuesday white - wednesday black - thursday green - friday blue

Here are some of my favorite pictures / outfits of Caroline

i also asked her to answer some questions, it was the first time i was trying myself questioning another person than myself, and it was hard 
i hope you gonna love her answers as i loved it and if you want to know more about her, simply visit her blog

have a great sunday!

Where are you born?
Ottawa, Canada

 Where do you live and why?
As of September 15th, I live in Vancouver, Canada. My long-term boyfriend is from Vancouver and we decided to move out there to experience the city and be close to his family.

 What do you do for a living?
I am currently a Master's student, but I soon hope to find permanent full-time work in the not-for-profit sector, hopefully working with women and/or girls in some way!

 What’s the Title of your Blog and why?
The title of my blog is The Feminista Journals. I chose this title because it reflects three important aspects of my life: my love of fashion (allusion to the word fashionista), my love of feminism, and my desire to "journal" my life (what I do, who and what I love, what I believe in, and what I wear) through my blog!

 Why are you blogging?
I blog because I am a person who is passionate about many things and who wants to share those things with others! Primarily, I want to incorporate feminist ideals into my daily (fashion-obsessed) life, and I want to share with others why this is so important to me!

Your favorite color palette for this fall?
My favourite colour palate for this fall ... hmm ... I'd say burgundy for sure, black and white (the classics!), grey, camel, emerald green, and royal blue. Those dark lusty hues are so luxurious!

Your dream destination for travel?
My dream travel destination always changes. I just came back from a nice trip to Eastern Europe in July, but next I'm thinking about either Asia (specifically China), the Mediterranean, or Bali!

 Your most inspiring movie?
Oh man! I love movies. I'm a huge movie watcher and TV fanatic. Anyway, the first movie I can remember being really inspired by was American Beauty. Although many movies inspires me in some way, as of late I'd say the American version of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was inspiring for me. I love female leads and am so mesmerized by how well Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth Salander. Just wow. Oh! I also recently watched Tiny Furniture. Another female lead and another favourite. 

 If you were a fiction hero …. Who would it be?
Cat woman. I also love a good female anti-hero. Criminal meets sexy is indeed sexy!

 Are you more … Day or night?
I like both day and night, but if I had to pick I'd pick day. Mostly because the night can feel short ... and I hate going to bed sometimes! I wish there were more hours in a day!

 Salty or sweet?
Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Your big dream/ambition for the future?

 My dream for the future is quite simple really. I want to have balance. I want to work hard and love what I do for a living (I hope to find that one day soon!) but also live happily and comfortably with the one I love. Oddly enough, sometimes this seems so difficult to come by!

contrast in the collar

(top & hairbow american apparel - skirt & purse zara - cardigan vintage - mary jane marni)

i am playing with layers every morning
often giving up 
i love this cardigan because of the contrast in the collar

heather grey

(skirt & hairbow american apparel - t-shirt maison martin margiela - heels zara - satchel polo by ralph lauren)

strange feeling of wanting heather grey today
this is one of my favorite t-shirts, it reminds me belgium
i am missing europe very much for the moment
probably because i am wanting fall, grey skies and all the new outfits that are ready in my head

cotton lace

(collar shirt, lace tee and socks american apparel - skirt vintage - loafers tahari - purse furla)

how can i play with layers when it is so hot ?
cotton lace is a miracle i didn't really experiment before
slowly going to fall i am mixing patterns and fabrics
happy friday !


(skirt american apparel - top forever21 - earrings vintage - bag zara - sandals marc jacobs)

i love high waisted items but today i wanted a straight silhouette
i have been watching a lot of illustrations from the 20's
it is probably what inspired me this morning
i paired the outfit with silver details, because i know already that i will only want gold for fall and winter

le rouge et le noir

(shorts & belt american apparel - turtleneck & trench vintage - maryjanes steve madden - purse longchamp)

trend have a very weird effect on people
some weeks ago i would have hated the idea of red and black together 
and now i am just looking for red paired with everything, even black.
trend or season, i don't know, but it has a trong effect on me!