sometimes i wanna say
today i had to say goodbye
to someone i love
feels like God was in a bad mood

i don't understand anymore
this weather in japan
this year
is completly crazy
yesterday 21c° today 10c° ....
God !
And tomorrow ...?

i'm so happy about the new turn
american apparel is taking
feminity in its purest expression
no need of pink and ruffles
it's only the body speaking

a slow morning in my new appartment
i found this vintage silk kimono
it kind of makes my morning softer
and i must say that i'm not sure
this plant will stay alive very long

i finally appreciate sunday
the sun also finally worked out to appear
and i take a lunch along the river
before to meet my friends
i wish i had a boat

is japan a developping country ?
i think i say oui
it took 1month to get internet in my new place
? why ?
i still try to figure out
but japan is also the cherry blossom country
and the time of hana mi has come
sad that spring is missing this time