i triple the chiffon for this cold day of summer
wishing the sky would turn blue
they call this colour sprout but i see it like mint candy
that jacket is as old as me and still to big for me

skirts & bodysuit: american apparel - jacket, necklace & purse: vintage - sandals: zara
photos by mima

i fell in love with the work of SHOUROUK
i never been really into jewelry
but this young designer from france made me think twice about it
her tunisian origine probably gives her this oriental inspiration
that make me feel like an eastern princess everytime i look at those accessories

if you are curious about the rest of her collection, check:

is too much lace possible ?
maybe but not today
i swallow red with the white
a vintage skirt as a jacket
light is celebrated

top, belt, shorts & purse: american apparel - shirt: vintage - heels: mom's
photos by mima

i fell in love with blue flowers
a children crop top that i found in a market
i wear colors to celebrate summer
it is so short in europe

skirt: american apparel - top & purse: vintage - heels: a small boutique in Florence
photos by mima

i had a photoshoot for the 2011 collection of SARAH ARCHUT
she is already in her third year at the Royal Academy of Fashion of Antwerp
i am fascinated by her imagination and the world that she created
around her collection
she bring us through a real story of fox, wolves and witches.

i spent my sunday in a flea market
the forcast was right
today was summer and i loved it
i wore my new dress i bought in the arabic market of brussels
a good occasion to fit my grandma's venitian necklace again
and look at this basket i found
it directly became my purse for the day

dress: arabic market - purse, belt & trench: vintage - necklace: grandma's - sandals: zara
photo by steggi

grey and rainy today was so belgian
hard to believe tomorrow will be summer
when it is so cold and moody
i just want to feel good and comfy
simple and back to basics

pants & shirt: american apparel - sweater: handmade by mom - purse: vintage - boots: cecil
photos by mima

i feel good in maxi
long like that, i feel like a princess
all the images that were runing in my head when i was little girl
came back to me
still the colours are soft and light

t-shirt & socks: american apparel - skirt: vintage - purse: miu miu - heels: mom's
photos by jessica

i wanted flower prints and i wanted ribbon
maybe a little too much
but i made the balance with my navy pants
it is still spring here
so i wear my trench today

pants, belt & clutch: american apparel - shirt, ribbon & trench: vintage - heels: zara
photos by mima