ok, so here is the story.
i just found and fell in love with this greyish blue suede sherpa coat.
the perfect size and the perfect color, which is pretty much a miracle in the vintage world.
so i figured, if i mix a little of winter with a little of summer (dress), it's still gonna be spring.

coat and dress vintage - boots zara 


i said boyish, my husband said j crewish... he is sweet!
i do not buy anything really at h&m, but when i saw those pants, i thought i could give them a chance
and i am finally found the pants to wear when i am lazy but do not what to look lazy
it is all a little loose, so i balance it with my all time favorite sandals
j'aime quand ça brille!

button-up american apparel - pants h&m - satchel cos - sandals marc jacobs

__Bird On A Wire__

i am usually not really into buying vintage items online. especially since living in LA which is pretty much a thrifting paradise. but i recently discovered Bird On A Wire and just love it. 
i have been in a 90's inspired period, but who hasn't? 

pleated skirt, floral dress and heart pullover bird on a wire  
burman blouse vintage - stripe top topshop - purple skirt american apparel - mary jane urban outfitters

photos by Erika Carreon


so glad the weather is moody this week, i can wear pants.
i like it with my sporty crop top, somehow, this piece always seems to appear in my favorite outfits
it is often the case with items i even didn't care for when i bought them
and then it becomes that staple you couldn't live without

pants and jacket vintage - crop top some store in long beach - sweater american apparel - heels topshop - purse cos

__culotte courte et dentelle__

jersey shorts, seersucker and lace, i am not even sure myself how it all came together
it's casual and blue, so i feel good in it
this time we can even see one of my mocking jay earring, or is it a hummingbird?

blazer and shorts vintage - t-shirt and socks american apparel - sandals topshop


one of the good things in working at american apparel, beside the clothes and a great rooftop, is that you also get to meet amazing people.
thank you erika for the beautiful pictures!

tank top and shorts american apparel - cardigan and satchel vintage - sandals topshop
on erika, button-up vintage - shorts american apparel


in doubt... wear black and white...wear a pleated skirt ...wear stripes?
today i covered all my secured alleys.
i might surprise you, but this is my first black pleated skirt. always navy, never black.
so thanks to Bird On A Wire i can start exploring the possibilities of that classic garment.

visit their online store HERE

top and satchel vintage - skirt bird on a wire - sandals urban outfitters

__one layer__

this week is going to be very hot in los angeles
shorts and crop tops both in white cotton seemed to be the perfect items to bear the heat
my denim chasuble, open, only gives me an illusion of layer, but it works

crop top and shorts american apparel - chasuble diy - sandals topshop


the weather is for pants this week
i try to enjoy it a maximum before it becomes to hot
it is very subtle my pants and trench are plaids
shades of treys and beiges, it somehow reminds me the beaches of the north sea
i miss home today

tank top zara - trench vintage burberry - pants vintage calvin klein - belt american apparel - heels marc jacobs

__bien fait!__

i am in love with my new madewell sweatshirt .... BIEN FAIT
i guess madewell only meant to translate their brand name into french
but it has a special note for anyone speaking french
it also means "well deserved", especially in a bad karma type of way
i like to believe that the universe somehow balances the score

sweatshirt madewell - top zara - pants american apparel - sandals urban outfitters - satchel vintage


uniform style and bordeaux in spring
when i don't know what to wear, i alway go back to basics
which for me, means uniform inspired

skirt, jacket and socks american apparel - top topshop - shoes urban outfitters