couleurs d' automne

(skirt, shirt & socks american apparel - coat vintage - purse polo ralph lauren - boots cecil)

it was the first real fall day i got in LA
grey and on the verge of raining
i always feel a little bit of home in it
we just came out with this new chiffon shirt
i love the bow and the nude

halloween preparation

halloween costumes by american apparel

here are some of my favorite costumes for halloween
i spent a full week working on those costumes
Taghrid asked me to take care of the accesories production
it was my first week working at the AA headquarter into the creative team
it was a lot of work, a lot of stress but above all, a lot of fun
i especially enjoyed making the bows of the anime girls .....
just so cute !

petits pois

(shirt, skirt, tights & belt american apparel)

american apparel is coming up with polka dots
i am wearing my 2 favorite pieces so far
black on white
dots are just the perfect size
Taghrid shot those pictures in my garden
just an early morning before to go work

merci , mies van der rohe

(shirt & skirt american apparel - clutch vintage - heels zara - necklace turkish market)

black and white under the sun
the most simple is often the most efficient
i do believe
less is more

mon manteau du matin

(dress, belt & socks american apparel - coat vintage - boots lowrysfarm)

morning walk in my garden
the only moment i can feel fall a little bit
i actually stole that coat from my boyfriend
oversized outerwear are what i prefer in this season

Vintage Vintage Vintage

here is the last photoshoot we imagined for our Cali Select Vintage selection
Carl and i were on our way to shoot our just released Vintage pieces
when my eyes caught the trampoline sitting in a corner ....
it finally came out exactly like i see vintage fashion, fun and unique !

le the du matin

(dress romwe - hair accessory american apparel)

just an early morning breakfast

comme une perle

(skirt american apparel - corset vintage - heels lowrysfarm - purse a.p.c.)

i still can believe i got lucky enough to find this gorgeous corset in a thrift store
soft pearl color, simple in the composition and backless
just too perfect to be real and to match with accordeon skirt
it was a hot day in LA
fall still feel a little weird with this weather


(skirt, socks & shirt american apparel - jacket vintage - boots cecil - purse a.p.c.)

i found my mind falling for grids patterns
something in the air i guess
it is always hard for me to wear black and white together
so sharp to me
but with brown leather accessories
everything become possible

comme un garçon

(sunglasses american apparel - shorts & blazer vintage - tank top zara - purse longchamp)

i often feel i wish i was a boy
for an endless list of reason
so when i feel that way i only feel like wearing my denim shorts