comme une perle

(skirt american apparel - corset vintage - heels lowrysfarm - purse a.p.c.)

i still can believe i got lucky enough to find this gorgeous corset in a thrift store
soft pearl color, simple in the composition and backless
just too perfect to be real and to match with accordeon skirt
it was a hot day in LA
fall still feel a little weird with this weather

8 commentaires:

  1. great dress :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  2. you look beautiful! the combo is great, and that corset is really an amazing find!

  3. wow a seriously stunning look, love the dress! now following!!


  4. So beautiful! A great transition into this warm Fall weather.
    And how awesome is it that you found a vintage item that fits perfectly?!

  5. I love your hair like that!