pastel is not my first idea of fall
but the last time i passed by topshop, the merchandizing really made me excited about it
those colors were soft and cold at the same time. perfect.
it is also fitting the los angeles mood that never really leaves spring, the eternal 70-75

i must stop complaining about the weather, i miss belgium a little bit, it's only that

sweater topshop - pants calvin klein - belt american apparel - shoes j.crew


i took my wool vest out of the closet, that means fall!
even tough i pair it with shorts and sleeveless top, it is still my fall favorite piece
i like how boxy and masculin it falls on my shoulder
some days i just want to be a little bit more of a boy

vest vintage - shorts and top american apparel - purse zara - loafers haruta

__perfect navy__

the perfect trench for pre-fall
and god knows that fall comes late in california
we still have several weeks of hot summer weather in front of us
i am very happy about navy this season, it always been my go to color
and somehow, it is more black than black to me

trench coat lauren by ralph lauren - dress vintage - socks american apparel - loafers haruta - purse longchamp

__linen and stripes__

back to school, fall, it all means blazers to me
since it is still hot in LA, i go for linen and fresh stripes
layered on this heavy cotton lace top that i got when i was in NY

__palm days__

why do i love palm springs so much ?
to be in the desert is the most refreshing thing to me, even tough it is so hot, i feel relaxed and far from everything
food, shopping, pool, and some more food, that's all i need

__sweet yellow__

far from my usual palette, i am looking toward fall
this tri-blend romper is probably one of my favorite piece from american apparel
it is so comfortable when the weather gets warmer

romper and sandals american apparel - cardigan vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren

__it's memory__

some days are to be girly
this lace top is precious and delicate, when i saw it it reminded me the wedding dress of my mom
i used to love looking at her photo albums
i love how it plays with my skin and nude color that matches the one of my skirt

lace top topshop - skirt & socks american apparel - loafers haruta - purse zara

__ peach skin __

lazy jumpsuit in blue peach skin
it's my monday outfit
i didn't want to accessorize it too much
so i pined earrings on the collar instead of my ears, it works as well

jumpsuit nasty gal - earrings vintage - purse forever21 - heels marc jacobs