couleurs pastels

(shirt & socks american apparel - jacket & skirt vintage - purse banana republic - heels zara)

pastels are back
a short bridge of color
between the nude and the orange
it is spring already

des feuilles jaunes

(shirt, belt & skirt american apparel - button-up & clutch vintage - loafers haruta)

such a sunny winter feels actually like fall
all the leaves on the floor this morning
inspired me
i was enjoying the riding pants for very long
i think i love the skirt as well !

de l'or sur ma peau

(tights & skirt american apparel - sweater zara - loafers haruta - purse a.p.c.)

some sparkles are still flying in the air
the holidays are not done
and i am enjoying my very new gold zara sweater
2011 is almost gone, i wonder what is coming next ...

christmas sun

(belt & sunglasses american apparel - dress vintage - hat giorgio armani - loafers haruta)

for the very first time in my life
i spent christmas day at the beach
the sand, the sea and the sun
i saved that dress for a very special day
i just didn't expect i would wear it in december

! merry christmas and happy hanukkah !

Trapeze Dress Give Away

I want your opinion on this dress !
We made a sample at our factory the other day and it has really caught on around the office.
It is one size with adjustable straps and feels glamorous and easygoing all at once.

American Apparel wants to hear what you think of the design. Post your thoughts here.
If we get enough positive feedback to make the dress, Mr.Chang, our expert patternmaker and sewer, will work with a small sewing team to hand-make a limited run at our Los Angeles factory.
Please "like", share and comment with feedback and suggestions. We will read everything and with enough thumbs up, will go full steam ahead and make it available on our web site in the first weeks of January! That's vertical integration at work.

Regardless of whether we end up making the dress or not, we have 5 beautiful samples that we will be giving away to people that participated in the process. On the morning of December 28, will select 5 people at random via the comments on our Coming Soon page. The dresses will be rush shipped to the winners to arrive in time for New Years Eve!

Let us know what you think, and thanks for being a part of our design process!

P.S.: You can see more photos of the dress on Taghrid's blog.

en ecossaise

(turtleneck & bow american apparel - skirt & socks vintage - loafers haruta - satchel polo ralph lauren)

some days are made for plaid

sur les toits

(sweater, pants & shirt american apparel - boots cecil)

yesterday the new men in black 3 was recorded between our factories
in downtown LA
Raffi, I and some of our co-workers went for a little walk on the rooftop
sneaking around
eventually we saw Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith
that was so fun and weird
i guess it's how it feels to be a belgian girl lost in hollywood


(dress, belt american apparel - heels zara - purse meyondong market in seoul)

somedays are made to be back to basics
and basic to me means

encore des fleurs !

(dress vintage - blazer h&m - purse banana republique - boots lowrys farm)

i enjoyed the last sunny morning before this rainy week
everything seems suddenly so different
i miss spring so much so i feel like wearing flower prints
it is very simple


( sweater & tights american apparel - skirt, jacket & heels vintage - purse meyongdong market in seoul)

when the holiday season is approaching
i always get obsessed with sparkles
even if i always feel a little bit too much
i really can't stop myself

holiday time

holiday campaign by american apparel

i am so excited to celebrate my first christmas in america
i can already smell the delicious food i want to eat !
we actually already celebrated our christmas party in the creative department
... cakes, strawberries and champagne ...
i was so happy to wear our very first version of the houndstooth dress
do you like it ?