christmas sun

(belt & sunglasses american apparel - dress vintage - hat giorgio armani - loafers haruta)

for the very first time in my life
i spent christmas day at the beach
the sand, the sea and the sun
i saved that dress for a very special day
i just didn't expect i would wear it in december

! merry christmas and happy hanukkah !

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  1. Hello...
    Yui's here
    I always love blogwalking over fashion-blogger, and I don't know why they all always able to catch my heart so easily like yours. You're blog is amazing. :)
    Anyway, I can't find follow button from your blog so I can't follow you :'(

    And, I love your long hair, so shiny and for the first impression to you is you were a professional models XD

  2. what a precious dress! you look great !

  3. here in rome is quite cold and i have to wear coat and scarf ...i would love to go to the beach dressed like you :) i love your dress!!! kisses

  4. I like the photos and your dress is so pretty! Happy holidays! x

  5. beautiful photos!

    from a long term reader, helen @ thelovecatsINC

  6. Forth photo is my favorite!!! You look amazing!