(skirt, belt & sandals american apparel - swimsuit vintage - satchel zara)

soon it will be august and i am already thinking about fall
too bad for me, summer isn't even fully here yet in LA
consequence, i wear a bathingsuit with a corduroy skirt
seasons are so different from a place to another
and it always take me so much time to adapt

i am like everyone

i am like everyone, i have instagram
a little sneak peak into my daily life pleasures

happy friday !


(easy jean, bodysuit & hair bow american apparel - blouse vintage - purse furla - heels vintage dolce & gabbana)

i couldn't resist buying the floral print bodysuit i found the other day at the flea market
and here i am matching flowers with flowers
this was actually the perfect occasion to wear the dolce & gabbane vintage heels
i got some weeks ago in los feliz
LA is the best place for vintage i swear 

blue reliques

(bodysuit & petticoat american apparel - skirt & heels vintage - hair bow takeshita dori)

some days passed
a lot of time spent and attention on my appartment
jordan and i are replaning all the decoration
i love that
i am wearing a vintage skirt i got in tokyo
one of my rare japanese relique

russian circus

(dress & socks american apparel - cardigan & heels vintage - purse banana republic)

i had love at the first sight with this dress
some days ago, walking to the bathroom at work
i passed by the flea market that is still open today in our downtown la factory
it was the first one out and i got lucky enough to get it my size!
the pattern is just perfect, russian circus is its name,
not only that i find my dear red white & blue
but the dynamic is exactly what i was looking for
i outfited with a classic nautical wool cardigan
happy friday!

no sun

(collar shirt & lace top american apparel - skirt and cardigan vintage - satchel polo ralph lauren - loafers tahari)

is it summer ?
we are still waiting for it in los angeles
or maybe it is me, working at the factory all the day long
and not seeing the sun

blue, white & sometimes red

(shorts & belt american apparel - turtleneck top & earings vintage - purse zara)

back to the big city
go to work
and realize again that i wear red white and blue
any obsession on your side ?


one more great escape
up north this time to the mountains of mammoth california
it was a long long way to go but it was totally worth it
the scenary was grandiose 
i felt so small in a world so big and beautiful
it is becoming necessary for me to escape once in a while to the deep nature
and california is so full of goegeous piece of nature


(pleated skirt & sandals american apparel - swimwear vintage - bag zara)

all brown
i look like i am on my way to the pool or even the beach
not at all, on wednesday, i am on my way to work
i am so happy to have a job that allows me to wear my favorite clothes


(bodysuit american apparel - sweater, skirt & heels vintage - handbag furla)

i used to hate flower prints
but i really went for it that morning adding this printed sweater to the silky skirt
it is still cool at morning and night in LA, strangely summer is not yet here
i guess this outfit is one more episode of the matchi matchi serie
i realize i live trough phases and obsessions
nude, grey, uniform, navy, swimwear, ...... 
any suggestion for the next one ?

in the middle

(tank top american apparel - skirt, heels & satchel vintage )

a classic black & white outfit
back to my hair situation, i tried something new...
the line in the middle
i don't know if i really like it
i guess i just wanna try one thing or another before to cut anything
jordan thinks it looks 70's, it probably does

simply gingham

(button-up & tennis shoe american apparel - skirt vintage - purse banana republic)

matchi matchi gingham
i am all about that
denim and denim, gingham and gingham, ....
the only question is what is going to be the next
i wear the denim tennis shoes by american apparel
just a very unique piece that i love to wear when i want to be comfortable

denim blues

(denim skirt, denim button-up & pouch american apparel - sandals marc jacobs - earings vintage christian dior)

this morning i woke up and try to do something with my hair
i had this feeling that i maybe should cut it all
but i'll cry for sure !
so back at the same point, what can i do with those hair ?