in the middle

(tank top american apparel - skirt, heels & satchel vintage )

a classic black & white outfit
back to my hair situation, i tried something new...
the line in the middle
i don't know if i really like it
i guess i just wanna try one thing or another before to cut anything
jordan thinks it looks 70's, it probably does

5 commentaires:

  1. Your hair is so beautiful, especially when parted in the middle. There's no need to cut it, but I can understand that you want something else sometimes ;)!

    Btw I read your blog since I spotted you in the AA x lookbook booklet and I hope you never stop blogging :)!


    1. Thank you Lisa ! If you follow my blog since the AA x Lokbook booklet, you must have seen some very funny old posts !

  2. You wear even simple black and white basics so well. (Love the swipe of red lipstick, by the way). I think your hair looks fantastic! I adore how long it is. Though you hair is essentially pretty straight, I don't think it's quite a 70's look because I know they went for that super sleek and super pin straight look. No curl. No wave. Nothing. You're almost there!

  3. You look so lovely. :)

    Also just wondering how long you've worked at AA for?

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      It will be nearly 3 years I am working for AA. About 2 years in Tokyo, some month in Antwerp and then now it has been 9 month that I am working in the creative department inour LA Factory !