little street of tokyo
i walk and talk and talk and talk
redish for the end of the month
maybe i leave pastel

what i love in tokyo
is the travel you can catch at every corner
for 5 minutes
i am far away
love that new grey shirt !

i am in a blue mood
even if it's hot
i like to wear a shirt
life is only suffer
isnt't it
the blue was so strong
we made a nice photoshoot
come to check more on

oversize shirt with light blue stripes
it is vintage
i walk in shibuya
far from the japanese serenity
it is shibuya
and sometimes, you find a cat .....

sunday is holiday
i used to hate sunday
to feel depressed
but today it is only time for playing and lying

there is this park in yokohama
the water and the flowers
call me
i wear sea foam
i so much want again
to be lost in the forest

back at home quite late
but i like to cook
to use
my white and blue plates

soft hours at home
flowers are almost gone
green is beautiful
i heart this dress