__boy boy boy__

i love my boyfriend jean!
i went to muji the other day (again) and i couldn't stop myself to try these on
i never gave a chance to the boyfriend cut and now i feel sorry
i just love it so much, it is the most comfortable pants ever
and, it give this sassy feeling of being a boy, somehow

jeans muji - top vintage - backpack vintage coach - ballet flats american apparel


uniform inspired, again.
it is between winter and spring. the hat is very big on my head.
that is because it's Jordan's, his head is bigger than mine ;-)

god, i love mid-length skirts!

turtleneck and boots zara - skirt and socks american apparel - backpack vintage coach - hat borrowed

__straight lines__

i like to have a straight silhouette.
these pants are just perfect for that. it is elegant and yet very comfortable, the perfect balance.
i softened the navy blue with some nude chiffon.
i hope you had a good sunday.

blouse american apparel - pants vintage - heels topshop

__denim denim__

in doubt, wear denim.
that's my rule and recent obsession. of course i love blue.
but i bought a lot of denim recently, almost compulsively.

button-up topman - pants american apparel - purse vintage - wedges melissa 


black and navy for a very good monday. i took out that old polka dot skirt out of the closet.
i actually thought of throwing it away not so longtime ago, sometimes you are just tired to see some items hanging there.
or sometimes it is just the desire to refresh it all.
but you know, i always end regretting it, sometimes only 4 or 5 years later, when a trend comes back and then i remember that piece and can't find it.
am i very materialistic? i love clothing so much and sometimes i feel i am.

skirt, sunglasses and satchel vintage - sweater and belt american apparel - boots zara


i would like to thank all my readers today for their support trough those already long years of blogging and for that, what a better way than a giveaway post?

do you already know CACTO?
it is a young online shop based in Madrid, Spain. they offer carefully selected handmade jewelry by contemporary designers such as Young Frankk Jewelry, Dream Collective and Academy. 

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good luck! Anais 

__give me some cold__

here is the big news, i made my very first own beanie! nothing that impressive, i know, but i am very pleased with myself.
so i waited and waited and waited some more to have a chilly morning that allows me to put on some layers and my precious little hat.
it is white and fluffy. it gives me a funny face, but i love it!

pants and jacket american apparel - sweater, blouse and shoes topshop - satchel vintage - beanie handmade

__sans chi chi__

i love to be wearing only one or 2 pieces of clothes and feel satisfy with myself.
i sometimes tired to think about layers and accessories.
today is a straight cotton dress and a slouchy sweater. all navy and grey :-)
only the shoes give it some character, sparkle sole and midnight velvet... thank you topshop!

dress fashion district - sweater american apparel - shoes topshop


this is my recent uniform. if i am a little lazy, or have a busy days running around. it is pretty much what i will end wearing. jeans, sweatshirt, light trench and sneakers. 
i also love to carry that oversized tote everywhere, i feel like i can hide anything in it, but of course it also easily become a real mess in there!
note about the sweatshirt, i ironed the letters myself while in my monogram phase, and here is a little something about me, BCMP are the initials of my middle names ... 
yes i have 4 ...  Anais Brigitte Claire Monique Philippine, nice to meet you!

jeans, tote and sweatshirt american apparel - trench la redoute - sneakers nike

__en chasuble__

the first days of spring are already here in los angeles. it might not last so i take a full advantage of it.
i found a over-over-sized denim dress in a goodwill recently. i cut the length to my desire and just enjoyed the wide opening at the arms level. it gives a weird dynamic to the dress and it's perfect to be worn with crop tops. 
denim and stripes, i can't get enough of you.

crop top from my childhood - denim chasuble goodwill - socks american apparel - shoes urban outfitters

__pretty ugly__

i love to wear knee length skirt, it makes me feel more like a woman and less of a girl.
i am not sure it is the most flattering tough, but sometimes i like to wear things that add a little of ugly to make something somehow more beautiful. i am not sure it has sense.
i balance it with heels, it always helps. but at the end of the day, i gave up and put on my pair of white tennis shoe. it was probably less beautiful, but deep inside, i prefer that.
i love that knit skirt, even tough she doesn't always loves me.

skirt vintage - crop top a random sport shop in long beach - cardigan h&m - heels vintage


grey has a special place in my heart
it is a color a learned to love, when i realized that nothing in life is neither black or white
it became my favorite color, the day i left my native belgium 
i missed the grey of its sky, its architecture, its sea and this weird melancholy that goes with it
when i created my pinterest account, "grey" was my first board, and until today one of my favorite
sometimes very clear, sometimes deep and dark, as my mood goes

here are a few images that inspire me at the moment, and some more here if you are curious