__pretty ugly__

i love to wear knee length skirt, it makes me feel more like a woman and less of a girl.
i am not sure it is the most flattering tough, but sometimes i like to wear things that add a little of ugly to make something somehow more beautiful. i am not sure it has sense.
i balance it with heels, it always helps. but at the end of the day, i gave up and put on my pair of white tennis shoe. it was probably less beautiful, but deep inside, i prefer that.
i love that knit skirt, even tough she doesn't always loves me.

skirt vintage - crop top a random sport shop in long beach - cardigan h&m - heels vintage

5 commentaires:

  1. No I love this length of skirt too! I think worn with the right stuff they look much better :) You pull it off really well
    Lucia's Loves

  2. it makes a lot of sense. that's what lies underneath the french attitude in fashion. sometimes it's the tousled hair, other times a lipstick too intense or a slightly smudged kajial.
    in that ugly particular off-key, is play-to-receive in the eyes of those who watch the caress of indulgence.
    i think it's a joke, a kind of fortress behind which burlesque souls hide to investigate who's in front of them

  3. i love your blog and your style, you are beautiful!