i needed colours
yesterday was too
a white house
to recover

3 hours sleep last night
8 hours work today
the weather was messed up
so as me
i wish
i can speak

spend the day with
walking around
the weather
so as the time
was grey

a lot of walls
in this city
secret gardens behind it
i love to see
and imagine

i love this big shawl
all those knits
make me
to finally be in fall
when i work in daikanyama
i can't stop going
into that park

like my mother always said
Jesus loves winners
someone told me
i look
like a christian

i found a maze
i was lost
it was closed
but it felt good
to walk around

last days of summer
with Fuji san
it is really for those rare moments
that i live in japan

is full of small parks
lost in the middle
of the concrete
i love concrete
it was an adventure
10 minutes