poppy pumpkin

(velvet scrunchie american apparel - coat & dress vintage - mary janes steve madden - purse a.p.c.)

2 days before halloween and i am already looking like a pumpkin
an end of october with 30 degree celcius was actually the perfect occasion to wear my brand new velvet backless dress
it made me smile to pair it with my poppy coat
after all it's only my second halloween in the usa !


(sweatshirt & collar shirt american apparel - scarf vintage )

some weekends are made for cozy outfits !
enjoy your saturday !

navy disco

(disco pant american apparel - knit sweater vintage - loafers haruta - purse zara)

the cold days are coming back and i want to be cozy
it has been a crazy week and i was so  busy that i almost didn't have time to think about what i was wanting to wear
and then this strange desire to wear my disco pant got to me
such a pleasure ! i completly forgot how it felt and how great are these pants.
monochromatic in navy blue and just playing with the fabrics and the shades
now i think i want to get a new pair of these pants, the question is in what color ?

Paris exclusive

(button-up, bra and jeans american apparel - coat vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren - mary jane marni)

i was so happy when i first saw the sample of that chiffon button-up
red white and blue, it was like it was made for me
but then, it was the biggest disappointment when i realised it was actually a Paris exclusive item
and that of course, i couldn't purchase .....
so imagine my surprise when i found that little treasure lost in the middle of the LA flea market !!!
i must say it is very hard to work on the second floor of the factory and being forced to walk trough all the market every single time i go to the bathroom .... temptations are everywhere!

mini version

(hair accessories american apparel - dress vintage - ballerina flats j.crew)

when i bought that dress it was clearly for the collar
it a quite long, oversize dress but cut as a mini version
it suddenly looks cute and very 60's
the fabric is amazing, shades of brown ans orange details it was so perfect for these temperate moody days
and yes, i added chiffon flowers in my hair, caprice, i just liked it

mormon girl

(pants, belt and turtleneck american apparel - hair bow california select vintage - sweater and heels vintage - backpack vintage coach)

this outfit has a little story
i was at work wearing this outfit when Martine decided to take a picture of my outfit for insagram
because i was wearing some of our very new pieces such as the pant
verdict from the instagram crew following american apparel : i look like a mormon in this outfit
hahahahaha i have to say i was expecting everything but that
this actually stayed in my mind because i kind of see what they mean
it is true that the turtleneck is a little stricte, but here it is, i was dying for layers
so at the first cold day, i couldn't resist wearing all this at once
my bad my bad, but after all, i think i am quite classic, and i love it!

mini , 3 / 4 Sleeves

(socks american apparel - hair bow cali select vintage - dress, heels & purse vintage)

the perfect little black dress
we all need one in our closet
here it is, mini and 3/4 sleeves
i alsofound the oversized hair bow i was looking for
my ultimate accessory for fall this year

cozy time

(pants, leather pouch & scarf american apparel - top tommy hilfiger - cardigan vintage - mary janes steve madden)

cozy cardigan that i dream to wear for so long
i don't care anymore about the weather, i just can't see anything for summer anymore
even tough it is still so hot in LA
it is so hard for me to adapt myself to this weather
strangely tokyo was a lot more easy


(skirt american apparel - button - up old 90's h&m - purse zara - loafers tahari)

lavender mood
i fell  in love with this silky button-up about 13 years ago
the 90's was the best period for h&m
i was able to find wonderful treasures that i still have and enjoy today

Batik Stripes

(shorts & sandals american apparel - top & earings vintage - purse banana republic)

batik prints on chiffon
it is still half way to fall, when I can't say goodbye to those hampton shorts
i am in love
it has been about 3 years now that i didn't wear big earings
even tough these ones are not that big, it changes a lot from the micro pearls is used to wear