navy disco

(disco pant american apparel - knit sweater vintage - loafers haruta - purse zara)

the cold days are coming back and i want to be cozy
it has been a crazy week and i was so  busy that i almost didn't have time to think about what i was wanting to wear
and then this strange desire to wear my disco pant got to me
such a pleasure ! i completly forgot how it felt and how great are these pants.
monochromatic in navy blue and just playing with the fabrics and the shades
now i think i want to get a new pair of these pants, the question is in what color ?

9 commentaires:

  1. Caramel or Cranberry color for Fall are my thoughts for your next pair of disco pants.

    1. Hi Taylor ! I think you are right Cranberry would be a great one to have this winter.
      thank you for passing by!

  2. Chic! Never liked disco pants, but you nailed them perfectly! xx

  3. Awesome look. It's the perfect balance between trendy and conservative/vintage. The sweater is just fantastic it looks so on trend for what's in Fall right now! :]

  4. Love the sweater and the pants mixed together, very brilliant of you!

  5. c'est vrai que le pantalon te vas trés bien le pull aussi

  6. hi

    I've been following your blog for a long time now, and I love so much your style! your blog is really one of my favourite.. it's really inspiring
    I was wondering if maybe we could speak a little about your journeys; I saw you've been living for 4 years in Tokyo : it would be so nice if you could give me some informations (how did you decided to live there, what you were doing -work, university?-.. etc..) because I'm planning to go abroad (in Asia or in the USA)for maybe one or two years.. so maybe you could help me..
    do you speak french?

    thank you so much, if you want I can give you my email


    1. Hi Benedicte !
      Thank you so much for following for so long.
      I would be more than happy to answer to all your questions.
      You can send me an email to this address so I can explain you a little bit of my story.

      And yes i speak french, this is my mother language.

  7. I love it! I like your style!