Paris exclusive

(button-up, bra and jeans american apparel - coat vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren - mary jane marni)

i was so happy when i first saw the sample of that chiffon button-up
red white and blue, it was like it was made for me
but then, it was the biggest disappointment when i realised it was actually a Paris exclusive item
and that of course, i couldn't purchase .....
so imagine my surprise when i found that little treasure lost in the middle of the LA flea market !!!
i must say it is very hard to work on the second floor of the factory and being forced to walk trough all the market every single time i go to the bathroom .... temptations are everywhere!

4 commentaires:

  1. You look amazing! So classic and elegant, but that sheer blouse adds the perfect chic touch.

  2. Classy and lovely as always. <3


  3. sa te vas parfaitement bien, t'es top