take a walk in the park
splash splash disait le phoque
i wish sometimes i was a mermaid
emerald and blond
tell me why the sky is always blue here

yellow sunday
i can't stop watching the walls in LA
the colours are just so great
and i can already imagine landscapes and stories coming out from it
i felt so much navy and grey in tokyo
but now i am flying between sunshine and summer peach

it has been a very long time since i last time relaxed
and somehow i feel strange to do it
coming back home
listening to music
i found myself wearing a simple tube bra and a long chiffon skirt
just enjoying the present time and the world

baby, baby, baby
the last magazine i found in tokyo
a nice serie of simple photoshoot
natural beauty
and for once
a very beautiful american apparel ad.
girly, girly, girly
that makes me feel happy not to be a boy

i love the light in LA
the sunset especially
this orange shade makes everything turning pink
and i like it
winter is there at night
and i am happy
i still can wear my opaque tights

i try to find my place
it is january in my head and summer outside there
still i am not lost in the south hemisphere ....
it is just so new
i embrace this weather with my korean flower
but the colour i wear still didn't leave Tokyo and its so cold winter

today i turn a page, i leave japan
i am a new born girl in LA
a city where i am a stranger more than anywhere else
it's gonna be tears, chock and laughs
i only hope you will follow me
in this new chapter of my so bad timing life ...

if life is a ligne
this precise moment is a simple dot
why does it matter that much ?
i tasted blood today
the week anyway was starting in sunshine

photos by Mami