color of the past

(sweater & tigths american apparel - dress school uniform - purse furla - loafers elie tahari - earrings vintage)

back to my first love for a day
some might probably remember my very early and young period of nude
when i was living in japan i had this very long attraction for anthing beige, peach, old pink and of course nude
it's weird how colors can sometimes be like old friends you didn't meet for a long time
sometimes like that, i also miss japan ...

Death Valley

Thanksgiving was this year in Death Valley
one of my favorite spot in north america
if you like the desert, you absolutely must see it
not very good outfit pictures to share with you since i was hiking most of the time
but i just hope you will enjoy the beauty of that place
nature is definitely my favorite part in America


(dress & underdress american apparel - coat, heels & broderie purse vintage)

i was in a romatic mood this morning
not the love releated romantic feeling, often cheezy and quite shallow
but the deep and dark amertume that you read so easily in Stendhal's Scarlet & Black
this morning i was the grey clouds in the sky
so... i wanted lace, i wanted broderie and black patent shoes.

Holiday Gift Wishlist

the holiday season is the busiest for me at work!
i have no time for myself and no occasion for shopping at all
still i found some minutes to look around and organize my holiday wishlist for gift!
here are some of my favorite, sometimes dream-only, items!

1. Dolce & Gabbana Earrings - 2. BuyTrends Trench Coat - 3. Jack Wills Rayton Dress - 4. Dolce & Gabbana Hair Comb - 5.  J.Crew Invitation Clutch in Dot - 6. A.P.C. Bougie Parfumee #5: Feuille de Figuier - 7. Miu Miu Sunglasses - 8. Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color - 9. J.Crew Janey Patent Flats - 10. A.P.C. Sac Cabas - 11. Marni Ballet Flats

noir jaune rouge

(turtleneck, tigths & shoes american apparel - skirt forever21 - backpack vintage coach - coat vintage)
today i was wearing belgium's colors without even noticing, colors that i don't wear very often
i also wear a skirt from forever21, and that happens even less often
but yes, i am a weak, i fell for it.....

over easy

(pantyhose american apparel - dress & sandals vintage - purse zara)
this blouse / dress is a real party
silky, random looking polka dots and of course some flower prints over all that
one more dress, that i feel, will be the queen of my closet
it is really amazing how old clothes for someone could become a treasure for someone else

i couldn't resist

(pants & belt american apparel - blouse & jacket vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren - mary janes steve madden - hat vintage giorgio armani)
if i am really honest, i will admit that i have been very impressed by the recent campaign by Dolce & Gabbana
those very catholic yet gorgeous women, so feminin and expressive .... in some common scene of an italian life
it was like mixing fashion and the first scene of the wedding in the Godfather..... mmm Vito Corleone.
so here it is, my mood for black and white, lace and a certain catholic accent
we don't always control inspiration.

winter colors

(riding pant and collar shirt american apparel - sweater, heels & coat vintage - satchel meyongdong market in seoul)
it was a day for colors
i always try to start the week on a positive note
that flower knit sweater is actually one my favorite items. i bless the colder days for that.
i guess we all have some special clothes that make us look forward to the next season.

grey & heavy

(rain parka, pants, turtleneck & umbrella american apparel - loafers haruta)
the cold days are back and i am waiting for the rain with envy
i miss belgium, i think it is clear
my friend and collegue Carl took that picture last year about the same time in the season
those days when the sky is so grey and heavy that it fall on the city, i am happy


(round collar shirt & belt american apparel - one-piece & heels vintage)
this is probably one of the most comforatble items that i have in my closet
exept when i needed to go to the bathroom, i just felt free all day
i am in a black period, that i love to pair with white details
this one-piece answered to all my desires
plus it was a good way to say goodbye to the warmer day of L.A.
tomorrow it will be cold and i can already think about cozy outfits !

dark mocha

(leather skirt & socks american apparel - button-up vintage - loafers elie tahari - vest comptoire des cotonniers)

i was very happy to see american apparel coming out with leather skirts a few month ago
i have never been a real leather type of girl .... for this fall i am making an exception
mocha is the color i selected, i am still too shy to go for thr black
i also took my comptoir des cotonniers vest out of my closet, i love it.
but it is such a difficult piece to wear, at least for me.