here is a very nice hair style
! made by a very talented japanese hair stylist !
... only with wig .....

if you want to see more of it
visit us on :
or click on the link in the column

when you live in japan
the train suddenly takes a very big part in your life
the distance changes proportion
and finally it's a real travel
i'm never bored by it

my face look so strange on this picture
but i was actually trying not to laugh
i felt like i looked like a clown that day
you know the oversized jacket, the big bow ...
but maybe i love that sometimes
and in Tokyo, everything is possible

women without men
this is the last movie by Shirin Neshat
i watched it yesterday and it was such a choc
so powerful so beautiful
it is one of the rare thing that made me feel happy to be a girl
hope you can watch it

the sky is grey, it's cold and rainy
i almost feel back at home
with this kind of weather i really don't feel inspired
my favorite denim, my new old coat
and .....
! my favorite umbrella !
because finally it's the only good point with the rain

1 week in American Apparel
yes i started last week my new job
i thought it's hard to wear AA every day
and to keep my style trough it
but it sounds like a challenge
so far so good

fashion is clothes, and parfum...mine is

Anaïs Anaïs
by Cacharel

of course my name is Anaïs
! but that smell !
fresh like a wind in spring
i love it
and the slogan
" un jour la tendresse s'étendra sur le monde"
this is my dream of making this world better

? what is your parfum ?

when a girl meets a boy
i love to mix
flower dress very girly
with an over over sized sweater
! like that i feel really me !
? what makes you being you ?

it is a colour association
that i am not used to
we like to try

i got this gift with NYLON this month
i don't like DIESEL but i must say this campain talk to me
especially the first picture, the stories ....
i always got fight or troubles like that
even tough i know it's stupid
it's funny, but not more
what i like and respect a lot more
it's the American Apparel choice for
a Free Iran
i love this T shirt
and it's a good way to show solidarity
to the revolution
? who said fashion is not politics ?

mon armoire, your choice
i found this skirt in H&M
i love it but the shape, the colours and the sparklings
are kind of difficult to deal with