today was a moody sky
grey as usual in belgium
it is i guess why i feel so much grey inside me
with sometimes a little shade of pink
popping up
that church is very small and very old
when you touch the stone that is more than 700 years old
you just can feel this world is a magic place

sweater & tights: american apparel - skirt & shoes: zara - purse: miu miu

belgium is strange country
a mix of so many things
sometimes i find hidden treasures
patterns meet each others
colors too

skirt, belt, top & tights: american apparel - vest: vintage - heels: zara

breakfast in the city
walk in the park and croissant aux amandes
it is still chilly
fade green and icy beige
black is often under this

pants, belt, bow & sweater: american apparel - top: h&m - jacket: vintage - bag: miu miu
photos by mima

it is not really about fashion
the wind, the cold
i just wanna feel good
its sunday and i am off

pants & shoes: american apparel - sweaters: mom - hat & scarf: handmade
photos by jessica

promenade au bois de la cambre
there are so many parks in brussels
spring is here
but it still looks like a fall
white and navy damier
i like it

tights & socks : american apparel - dress & trench coat: vintage - shoes: haruta
photos by steggi

there is tunnel in antwerp
you can walk under the schelde
and discover another view of the city
i was alone in the field
it was quiet

skirt, bow, socks & shoes: american apparel - blouse: chic nana - trench coat: vintage