it is for sure the spring effect
but i recently felt a terrible attraction to green
it's colour i'm not used to
and i'm quite sure i won't get addicted
but still
i enjoyed this day in green

a day in grey
it's really the colour i can't be bored by
i guess i'm in love
do you also have a colour that you can't give up on ?

spring is back
so do I ....
long time not see, I'm sorry
my mom passed by and I must say that I was spending all my time with her
but now
this is a real "new departure"
with the rain, the flowers, the birds
and all those things that make spring !

i really hesitated long before to buy this lace bodysuit
i was afraid it might look cheap or vulgare
but i finally followed my first feeling
and i don't regret it !
i love body suits

this is a love letter
to my favorite item ever
this circle scarf is simply magic
you can play with it to the infinity
and it easily becoming a second skin

yes it's the n°3 that i selected
it was perfect for a shopping day
i love tokyo
if you pass by here
take a jump to the mori tower in roppongi
the view is so nice especially at night ...

... mon armoire, votre choix ...
i got this adorable skirt in h&m
i fell for this skirt and its cut
and you know what ....
i realised i didn't have any black skirt
sounds crazy i know
but it's probably the result of my beige and pale obssession
so here are some ideas to wear it
tell me what you prefer ...

i fell in love with this bathroom
sounds strange i know
but black and white background is such an inspiration
i was in a very pale mood today
as you can see
oh .... and it's 100% American Apparel

tokyo is waiting for spring
me too
but even though it's still cold here
i can't stop loving the blue sky
so this sunday
it was a fresh spring outfit under an heavy winter coat