a day in grey
it's really the colour i can't be bored by
i guess i'm in love
do you also have a colour that you can't give up on ?

8 commentaires:

  1. I also love grey. I know it isn't my best colour and I look better in brights. But grey? Oh, it is just so comfortable!!

    You look so fantastic, btw! I love the menswear take on this look and those leggings!



  2. I can't get rid of my black obsession. And lately it's been specifically black lace.

    You look great in grey btw so I can't blame you!


  3. I love your style all your outfits are so cute!

  4. ooh c est toujours aussi beau le retour du printemps :) et ce total look gris te va à ravir je trouve :)

  5. RED RED RED! but somehow i also addicted to brown, purple and soft pink.. lol.

  6. Yes! somehow pastel yellow and sky blue seem to find their way into my wardrobe at least twice a week.
    I'll let them room with me for a few more weeks I suppose

  7. j'aime beaucoup cette tenue : simple mais chic! en plus elle te va très bien. et le gris sera toujours(avec le noir bien sûr!) ma couleur fétiche pour les fringues ^^

  8. i love your leggings!! they are so shiny, remind me of melted metal!

    i hope we can have tea while we are both still in tokyo!!