it is for sure the spring effect
but i recently felt a terrible attraction to green
it's colour i'm not used to
and i'm quite sure i won't get addicted
but still
i enjoyed this day in green

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  1. I loooove your style, and your blog. I saw you on chictopia a little while ago and I just recently found you on lookbook, I am so so jealous that you live in Japan, you are so lucky! I like your life in japan blog as well! great stuff!

  2. agree with Zoe_Flood! :D btw, i love the song you put on your blog, anais :D

  3. I love the music of ur blog :)
    and beautiful blog

  4. Is there anything that is unflattering on you?
    Today you're like a flower
    Your green clad body is the stem and your beautiful hair and face make the petals

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  6. wow! I find your blog very beautiful!
    Your style is perfect, this outfit fantastic and every looks you wear and you show here is absolutely amazing!
    I follow you!
    visit me and if like do the same: follow me, it will be an honour!
    bye, v