on time

(jeans & hairbow american apparel - bodysuit vintage - sandals seychelles - satchel polo ralph lauren)

even if everything around me is telling me SUMMER
my head is already in fall

solstice canyon

back into the wild
jordan and i decided to spend our sunday in malibu with a couple of friends
not so far from the sand and the sea, you have Solstice Canyon
a little paradise hidden between some hills
it was the perfect occasion to wear one of my many swimsuits
this one was a dress also, so perect for swiming and hiking!


(shorts, belt, pouch & sandals american apparel - sleeveless blouse vintage)

matching flowers
i had that outfit in my head since spring
but it never been hot enough for me to wear it
my life has always been a succession of bad-timing
so it only seems logic for me to wear spring in fall

spotted pants

(crop top & leather pouch american apparel - pants & earrings vintage - sandals zara)

it is a tryout.
i have owned these pants for a long time now, but never felt the desire to wear it
i needed the good day and the good inspiration
i don't know if i will wear it again
at least it is very comfortable

blue and silver

(collared shirt and belt american apparel - shorts diy - necklace zara - heels marc jacobs)

i love to wear blue when it is very hot
i believe in color influences and blue has this very cold vibration
it is also why i paired it with silver
those marc jacobs sandals are so far one of my most clever purchase


(leather clutch american apparel - crop top memory from childhood - skirt vintage - heels zara)

mix and match the patterns, the fabrics and the seasons
i can't get over these 50's circle skirts
this chinese print one is one of my favorite and has the perfect color for fall

simply gingham

(skirt, top & leather pouch american apparel - sandals vintage)

sometimes i like it simple
full woven skirt in a fresh red gingham plus a short crop top
comfortable and adding an accent with this red leather pouch
these pouched are like the magic wand
happy friday!


(jeans & belt american apparel - bustier and sandals vintage - satchel miu miu)

it took such a long time 
but i finally found the perfect jean


(crop top, shorts, belt and tennis shoes american apparel)

full AA outfit today
i even didn't think about it, it happened by itself
i was very excited to wear my very new wolf shirt
i printed it at the flea market last week
i have to explain now where this obsession for wolves is coming from ...
one of my co-worker, Brenda, has the most wonderful dog ever
a white german sheperd, Knudsen, that i fell in love with, since then i have a true obsession


(collar blouse & scarf american apparel - pleated skirt, sandals & satchel vintage)

i found this pleated skirt the other day
perfectly high-waisted, long and short enough
it is a vintage cheerleader's uniform
the girl was named Kaelin
that's what i truly love with vintage items
there is always a story behind it


(tank top, lace bra, leather belt & suede pouch american apparel - heels zara)

nude is my basic
when i feel hot, tired or un-motivated, i always go back to nude
i love that type of 3 dimension item, an oversized tank
once a top, once a dress and at the end of the day, the most comfortable thing to sleep in

August 12

some "cliches" of my daily life

chilling home

(dress vintage - sunglasses los angeles street - leather pouch american apparel - heels zara)

chilling home and around in a lavender dress
what do you do on a very hot saturday afternoon when you don't have a pool ?
for me it means fan on, fresh mint sparling water, a good book and of course ...
a comfortable vintage dress.

night blue

(silky tube top cali select vintage - skirt from mom - sandals american apparel - satchel zara)

summer is finally here and i can't wait for fall
i am never satisfied !
it is so hot in the office, computers on and no air con
this tube top was the idea of comfort for me today
i paired it with one of my favorite skirt, a perfect night blue pleated skirt that was my moms some times ago
from now on it's going to be a real challenge to dress with this heat 
any advises are welcome!

rose bonbon

(skirt american apparel - knit top vintage - earrings gift - sandals zara - sunglasses los angles street)

 i always hesitated to wear pink
with my blond hair i always fear to look like barbie
but i dared and loved it today
pink is definately an happy color, i was smilling each time i crossed a mirror
and the funniest is that one of my collegue, Mollie was in full pink today too!

dans le col

(collar shirt & belt - dress vintage - satchel polo by ralph lauren - heels zara)

it is all in the collar
if there is one thing i really love in american apparel clothes
it is the collection of sleeveless round collar button-ups
it is just perfect for layering and makes any simple dress or top 
a little more special
i know it sounds like advertising ...
but the reality is that it took time for me to get used to wear basics everyday
but then i realized i can play with it

power and water

(pleated pants & belt american apparel - bra vintage - purse a.p.c. - sandals marc jacobs)

back to my first love, nude
it was very hot this weekend
and like everytime i feel the heat in LA
i want to spend time at my favorite spot in the city
the department of power and water
the architecture and the calm of the fontaine refresh me 
nude is a way for me to disappeare