__french head__


is this houndstooth or gingham? two words i added to my vocabulary when i started working for american apparel, already 4 years and a half ago! in my head it is still french, so i think vichy and pied-de-poule.
also i try to carry a camera with me so i can shoot more stuff from my everyday life, since so many of you are asking about.
i didn't shoot anything yet, but i am carrying the camera, first step!

top and short vintage - sandals topshop - satchel cos - camera leica


a lot of things are changing at the moment.
all for the best, i believe.
old school nude and back to basics.

dress middle school uniform - trench coat laredoute - eyewear gift - sandals zara

__my formula__

(navy + navy) x denim
that's pretty much my way of living...
i have been very into necklaces lately, when for the longest time i only allowed myself small earrings
i love those chunky heels

top american apparel - skirt from mom - jacket vintage - heels topshop - necklaces gift from Jordan


play dressed up with hiking shoes
that's might new motto
i actually feel so comfortable in my new teva that i just want to wear it with everything
but since i promised to act a little more like a woman, i tied my hair up and added some lipstick
and yes, this is my favorite dress... which actually happens to be a double XL top

dress thrifted - purse forever21 - earrings cos - sandals teva


i bought this chiffon pants already a few years ago. i guess the idea seduced me.
but i never found the way to wear it. 
the transparency is just too much, but thanks to this silky j.crew top, i found my way.
my husband prefers it tucked in, i prefer it over.
i have been obsessed with oversized look recently and i think he is over it.
well i guess i will have to learn to dress like a girl again.
but back to school is around the corner, and the idea of uniforms already rings my bell!

top j.crew - pants american apparel - sandals urban outfitters - backpack vintage coach


it's all in the pouch.
a make-up case maybe? i found it at muji last summer
i am in love with my boyfriend shorts

shirts jordan's - shorts madewell - shoes prada - pouch muji - eyewear vintage