gris pastel

(pants, nailpolish & belt american apparel - button-up, cardigan & purse vintage - loafers haruta)

once in a while
the sky of LA gets cloudy and i become moody
i can't stop myself to go on the rooftop and look at the city
all sad and grey i love that

elle portait du noir

( belt & socks american apparel - dress, heels & purse vintage )

i wasn't raised in a very religious environment
but still i have always been fascinated by churches
the architecture, the light and the silence
today was one of those rare days in the year
when i wear black


(easy jeans, sunglasses & chiffon headwear - shirt vintage)

just a very casual weekend
i really wanted to be away
in that kind of case i always think about hawaii
so i simply went to the beach and wear a tropical shirt
we do want we can do

sous la dentelle

(dress, collared shirt & belt american apparel - purse banana republic - loafers haruta)

i really got inspired from all the lace i saw
louis vuitton, valentino or jil sander
the collar shirt is the detail that make it classy
i need it
and as you can see
i am not tired yet by orange ...

en exterieur

(skirt & socks american apparel - button-up & necklace vintage - satchel meyongdong market - loafers haruta)

one more good-girl day
it is often hard to go out of yourself
i should try sometimes
just to see and smile
i particulary heart that button-up
i was waiting for so long
to wear on the very perfect day
and here it is

sea foam

(tights american apparel - sweater & skirt vintage - purse banana republic - loafers tahari)

i finally found the perfect sweater
for this spring transition
sea foam here i am
i always have a color that obsesses me
i guess it is the same for you

un monde sans plis

(skirt & blouse vintage - satchel meyongdong market - heels marni - sunglasses american apparel)

it was all about pleats
i fell in love with that vintage blouse
in pomona
it is sometimes good to travel in the past

tot matin

(skirt & thights american apparel - coat vintage - shirt h&m - purse banana republic - loafers tahari)

early morning light on a cold day
i try to enjoy the last moment of coats and thights
even tough i am just waiting for spring
i used to hate orange
i guess people do change

si pale

(dress, collar shirt & backseam stockings american apparel - coat & heels vintage - purse a.p.c.)

i am happy when i wear all beige
soft lace under a wool coat
that's the winter i like
happy valentines everyone !

il pleurt sur la ville

(pants, shirt & belt american apparel - cardigan vintage - earrings vintage christian dior)

belgian mood over L.A.
the sky was low and grey
it always feel like home
fluffy wool meets denim


(socks & bow american apparel - dress vintage - purse longchamp - loafers haruta)

it was like a big step into the past
this morning
an authentic end of 60's dress
like a trapeze and just classic