i love my disco pants
one of my favorite garments
right now
i felt monochromatic today
and somehow
beige turned navy
typhoon is here

it is getting so cold
in tokyo
the grey sky and the rain
reminds me
my homeland
without chocolate
the good point
i can wear back my favorite coat
i made it 2 years ago
but it is timeless
and for a very long time
i wear black

i know i look like a nurse
it's weird i wanna look
like a tennis player
robin took pictures
george and i
we wanted to go to the field
so bad
but who knows
there might be some snakes

i got cold
all the day was a torture
but that short time
in the park
was such an oasis
this little boy gave me so much autumn leafs
that my bag is still full of it
love to wear my disco pants
when it's such a cold
oh today
i gave up on my hotto tea
i had a caramel milk

had a lunch
with george and charlene
a taco rice made in respekt
don't ask me what it means
i love to wear lace
george wears flanel
i will miss you charlene
next time
in osaka
one more revolution on my list

10 minutes
cable knit
who said
we get inspired by riding ?

chiffon day
i am so tired
a bit of coral
to cheer me up
i hate mannequins