__some poppy__

i added some poppy
some days need an accent. poppy in this case is like the double dot on the ï of my name.
i was reading Jalouse, one of my favorite magazine, when i got inspired to wear stripes
not the black and white type i am seeing everywhere but the colorful one
so i added some poppy

one-piece swimsuit & shorts american apparel - linen blazer vintage

__a mess__

i realize that i am often inspired by the mess that i create 
accidental color palette that i notice along the day
it can anything really but it stays in my head and sometimes i feel the urge to shoot it and even to keep it ...
oh, and i also noticed, i am more a square than a round type of person

chiffon button-up & jeans american apparel - tube top random boutique from long beach

__boys don't cry__

i found that treasure of heavy knits in h&m not so long time ago
deep night navy with some metallic green glitter, how could i resist ?
to wear it with layer was a little adventurous, and to be honest i felt like a boy half of the day

disco pant american apparel - my boyfriend's button-up - sweater h&m - wedges melissa

__out of season__

it took me one week to go trough my pictures from palm springs
it's always hard for me to come back from the desert
it feel so peaceful, so far from everything and somehow so secured
i am facinated by the colors of palm spring
the turquoise of the pools, the pastel of the buildings and the grey beige of the montains

__sheer sheer__

sheer with a cotton bra
i am in love with these cold shades

blouse topshop - bra and skirt american apparel - sandals marc jacobs

__un bustier__

summer came for a day
i bought a clothing item for the first time at anthropologie!
it has been one of my favorite places to shop for a very long time, but mainly for dinner wear, kitchen tools and decoration books
i fell in love with a gingham bustier, that was prabably meant to be an under-garment...
...but you know, when you live in LA ...

bustier anthropologie - skirt vintage - purse zara - sandals american apparel


what water gave me by florence and the machine is one of the songs that keep playing in my head
the hot days are slowly coming back, i can't wait to be in the water

swim bandeau top and high-waist brief american apparel

__fast and easy__

gloomy nude, i keep it simple
to be honest, i wake up at the morning and don't even have a real time to think of my outfit
work is so fast in my head that i am jumping in my first impression
a color, 1 item and hop! i am in a monochromatic simplicity

sweater and leather skirt american apparel