__thank you mr Nam__

i found those corduroy pleated pants in a thrift store in the valley, there were so oversized but the fabric was just a dream so i gave it a chance
god bless all the tailors of the world, they do magic
i know how to sew but mr Nam doesn't even need to take measurements, he just look at me
i admire people excelling in one field, mastering their art as it become as natural as breathing

pants vintage - cardigan zara - bodysuit and belt american apparel - heels j.crew

__some details__

i feel like sharing today so here are a few details of mine

my favorite moment of the day is the sunrise, it gives me hope and energy, the colors are soft and cold
i love Acne shoes
i crafts when i have time and one of my latest project was an embellished sweater, thanks j.crew for the inspiration, and see here for more pictures
i have a fascination for volcanoes, so strong that i have it in the wall of my living room

__plaid + plaid__

i love plaid.
once mid-november is reached, i just can't stop myself, i need plaid
it is my way of celebrating the holidays, especially that we do not have a thanksgiving in europe
at this time of the year, i am already fully into the christmas season
red white and blue is not the most traditional version of it, but it is my favorite

pants and flannel american apparel - knit cardigan vintage - loafers zara

__heavy on my shoulder__

i love my saggy knit cardigan 
it is so heavy on my shoulder that i feel tiny with it
one more wonderful vintage treasure to wear year after year
just like that knit skirt
i probably wear it twice a year and then wait for the next occasion the rest of the time
winter really took a new dimension for me here in la

skirt and cardigan vintage - crop top american apparel - sandals marc jacobs


one of my favorite social media is pinterest
one of my favorite board at the moment is titled "details"
i collect details of outfits i love, those little things that make the difference
somehow that's what i am obsessed with for a very long time
even with people, it's often some small details of their appearance or personality that make me fall


i love martini blue, ice cold like the weather i dream about
i love fluffy sweaters, and were the v-neck in my back
2 colors, because i need contrast
a multicolor velvet scrunchie for only accessory

sweater vintage - pants and scrunchie american apparel - purse vintage coach - wedges melissa

__time off__

i finally found the time to wear my ankle boots that i was keeping for fall
well, work has been so busy, that we are almost in winter
i kept the game simple, leather and knit, navy and black
i love the fluffiness of this sweater, it makes me wish i was in europe, or another cold region

sweater vintage - skirt american apparel - satchel polo by ralph lauren - ankle boots zara

__easy preppy__

preppy always work on busy days, these past weeks have been crazy
if i have to rush or just don't have time to think about what to wear
i always go for a collar + sweater, that always work
the flannel bow makes more fall and more fun

sweater, jean and bow american apparel - collar shirt uniform store - purse a.p.c. - shoes prada

__what a mess__

i think that skirt is just my favorite, it was my mom's, on of the last reliques of her closet
she threw everything away
in the opposite, i keep everything, and keep believing one day i will like tha stuff again
not always true ...
i also wanted to introduce my favorite jacket at the moment
which is not totally mine ... i love to steal it from Jordan
i feel very small in it, like i disappear, it is why i love it

t-shirt and pantyhose american apparel - skirt mom's - jacket episode - shoes prada


blue for winter. 
of course there are black, navy, army or bordeaux, like almost every year.
but i only think of cold shades of pastel. and baby blue is the one.